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For those wondering why I removed in the first place, we added something copyrighted inside the game which was supposed to be placeholder, and we didn't want any copyright issues during the Early Access release of the game. But its been dealt with since then, and everythings good.

Demo is back up!

Demo is back up:

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Probably not yet. I thought the demo showed the current core gameplay pretty well, though that may change. And oops, I posted the wrong game link. My bad(is now corrected).

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Totally Realistic Sledding VR is a over-the-top sledding simulator-ish game for the VR. I released this as a free demo back then, but then removed it during the Steam Early Access release. Now its back, try out a very old version of the game but still shows the concept for free!

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Hello Ristkell! The way you play the game is pretty free, so you can stand up or sit and it'll still work. People have sat down to play the game before, and it works quite well.

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VR Sledding game I've been working on for almost a year. It's on the HTC Vive.

I released this on a while ago and its been received quite well, even as a demo. Many youtubers have made a video playing it.


Japan is crazy for skiing and snow sports so I think this game will be pretty popular there. I will soon be releasing(sometime before the end of this year) a Steam Early Access of the more full version of the game, but I do not mind releasing it here and localising it for the Japanese people as well. After all, it would be mutually beneficial.

Please tell me if you're interested. The easiest way to contact me is via my email:

Game Link:

Will notify you when I have this out on Early Access!

First :D


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My brand new HTC Vive project Totally Realistic Sledding VR is finally in a playable form! It is a sledding simulator game, which is unheard of in VR. I will guarantee you it will be a fun and unique experience. I have released a free demo, try it out now, and tell me what you think!

Have you tried it yet? I've released a new version, v0.73 is the latest, you should give it a try!


Working on a 3d hack and slasher.

I would love feedback and suggestions

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Report any bugs/glitches here


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Jump. Make use of it.

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If you have any tips or tricks in playing the game, like getting the most kills, or some new exploit to share, post it here.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for the game, post it here. I will try my best to reply, and implement what you would like in the game.