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Renpy pushing to - butler error - enforcing unique versions, refusing to create build without userversion

A topic by Studio Errilhl created Jan 27, 2018 Views: 358 Replies: 6
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For some reason, butler won't let me update - giving me the message:

*errors.errorString API error: enforcing unique versions, refusing to create build without userversion

Anyone know what, if anything, I can do about this?

Note, the game in question is already on itch, with version number 0.017 Alpha - the one I'm trying to upload is 0.021 Alpha  (exactly:  "0.021-(Alpha)") defined in options.rpy.

Admin (1 edit)

It looks like you're mixing up channel and and userversion, which are two separate things. I see that you used a version name as a channel, which means you're probably not passing in a userversion at all, which would explain the error you got.

Instead of your channel being "0.017-(alpha)-osx" you would want to use "osx," and then you can use a user version of "0.017-(alpha)"

Hm... okay - is there a way to set these in Renpy (if you know?) because AFAIK I can't really do that much to modify anything like this.


I'm not sure what you mean. Are you uploading from renpy? Generally, when using bulter you would be on the command line and you can type in the new flags.

Yes, uploading directly from Renpy. Would it help if I reuploaded with a different version name? 


I wasn't aware renpy let you upload directly to It might be a bug in their implementation. But, typically you do not put your version name into the channel. Channel should stay the same over many versions.

I'm pretty sure the naming is Renpy default, but I'll try starting a new one from scratch and see.