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SELL ME GAME! (a gamestop ish simulator) DEMO

A topic by olinguito created Jan 27, 2018 Views: 289 Replies: 9
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you start with a number of money and you have to creat a empier.

and get xp to get more games to sell.

pls post ideas

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choose shop location, pay rent, hire employees (later in the game), thieves, store decoration, different timezones in videogame history, different customers: child, teen, adult

thanks for the ideas and employess i dont think.

Shop location sure! And rent! And the rest well se

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some work on npc, game, rent and grapics!

the rent in around 15 every 25 seconds.

and npc are very simpel when there is a purchase there comes a npc.

and the grapics is new to support this 

and pls post some ideas how you whant the grapics to be pixel, realixtic or low poly

i added thieves and employeesand and work on npc.

some work on xp system

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Graphics style depends on era and of course your abilities.

You added thieves? Cool! Screenshots?

the game is not looking nice in the moment but later i can get some screen shoots

now you can test the game. BUT! you can only get the game for a limited time/quanity.

in the other upload u couldent claim or download. Now i hope you can.

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finally fixed the bug so now you can claim and downalod. claim the game above