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An AI seedship must find a home for the last survivors of the human race · By John Ayliff

The Perfect Planet

A topic by TheRealAskz created Jan 15, 2022 Views: 1,514 Replies: 8
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Did You Find The Perfect Planet


What Did It Cost

Almost Everything

I'm presuming that the dangerous animals on Paradise are all snakes... :P :D

It appears I am simply 7 light years ahead

Behold peasants!  Only 5 planets visited!  And my end score was 10772!

Behold peasants!  Only 5 planets visited!  And my end score was 10772!

Read it and weep! /s 

Seriously, I got insanely lucky with this one. 6 planets visited, post-singularity technology and utopia achieved! If I recall, I might have even had to divert from the targeted planet to find this one

I found it... at last. its been less than an hour total of playing this game. I am so lucky.

its all that i hoped for. the survivors lifted the aliens up from iron age up to modern age.
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Gonna start with this one. They named it Eden.

Dangerous Animals is probably the biggest killer post-landing in the game aside from No Water or High Gravity.

I haven't had any good-outcomes with natives yet. Only times I've run across industrial-or-later natives, my remaining colonists die post-landing. It's usually a not-so-great planet (eg. Trace water, but everything else is good, or I have damaged construction systems) or my colonists wipe out the bronze age civ in a brutal war.

Not perfect, but good.