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I am not entirely sure, but certainly like 15-20 minutes.

Narrowing in on doubling the developer's score.

I figured it out and I hate it. There's nothing about the sequence given that indicates that if you make Kong act sooner the helicopter crashes into him. There's a visual hint as you're moving his timewidget around, but I am not sure what that visual element *is.*

(Also, it might be relative to the clouds, I'm not really sure)

And then I broke 100k



Yeah, I definitely agree on all points.

I kinda ran out of ideas that I could easily see a good way to design a puzzle element (the only one I didn't try to pursue was just a variant of the crate, except it didn't rotate, and I couldn't figure out what kind of object that would be). Visual effects as a result of hitting the ghost is a good idea, I hadn't thought of it (then again, the explody ones explode and the crates freeze, and anything that dies has their ghost fade out, so it hadn't really occurred to me--related, the blue barrel's audio clip has a tone-shift).

I think I just noticed that enemies respawn where they died when you rewind time.

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Oh yeah, there's the full screen button. Thanks!

My highscore is 56045 77,000. I've had as much as 84k in the bank, though!

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After picking up quite a few gossip entries with Scarlet, while waiting on the beaver to make something special, I was exhausting those options. Any time a new one got added it would put "new" next to a grayed out entry. Selecting a different item in the list (pressing up or down once, I guess that refreshes the gui) would fix it, just thought I'd mention it.

It was valid criticism, was just saying that I had been aware of it. :)

I'm with Zion, this is the highest rating I've given out and I can't even finish it. I got to day 7 and I was like, "I can't, I'm done, this is nuts, my brain can't handle the stress." (I never did find an already rewound tape, though!)

Great job.

Pretty standard fare, given the jam's theme. Not bad, but not a whole lot that stands out either.

Liked the music.

Just because its so short. :)

Only really lost on the first level as I was getting my bearings again. I thought I'd remembered getting through the gap between the two revolvers, but perhaps not.

I think I spent longer setting up OBS than I did recording it XD

I felt the controls were very difficult to handle and that the color changed far too rapidly to do much more than make split second "do I need to dodge that one?" calls. There were also some colors that were impossible to distinguish from each other (the purples). The pale magenta (as a square) is visually the same color as the darker purple (as a solid surface).

Not sure rewinding was ever all that helpful to me, but I had troubles with the controls generally, so I can't say for sure.

Yeah, I'm not very good at music and couldn't even think of what *genre* to even go looking for to find something free. But yeah, I knew about the lack. Thanks for playing!

Goal: Figured that much.

What I meant though was that I don't understand what my powers *do.* Obviously fire sets the ships on fire and wind pushes them around (although I have to be so close to do either that I just get shot at). Its the third power that does nothing.  Or rather, whatever it is that it does do, I don't know what that is. I *presume* it is the power that matches the jam's theme (rewinding time in some fashion) but I never figured out what it was actually doing or how to utilize it.

Not so much that I didn't like the game, but more that I was disappointing that I didn't get to experience more of it, as I didn't want to sit through that much exposition again. I'll give it another shot and skip to level 2.

Turning back time doesn't always undo damage? Its weird and inconsistent.

I got to 3648 after a few tries, I think I bugged out the purple blocks, they would disappear after only getting a third of the way down the screen. The green guys are WAY too difficult to kill without getting hit and in general I think the game is too fast paced. There were a couple of times that I died because I dodged out of the way of the first two enemies to spawn and they reached the bottom of the screen?!? not sure how "required" the rewind mechanic is. I think I needed it once. Most of the turnstyle lasers can be avoided just by hugging the walls.

Beautiful to look at, but I don't really understand it. :\

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I wish the cursor was locked to the game window, as it was very easy to try and switch which direction I was aiming and click outside the window, then my space-to-jump would cause the page to scroll.

But wow, the way the time element blends into a time-attack arcade brawler(?) in order to press-your-luck to score big works great.

Oh, and some of the platforms aren't *quite* at the right height for jumping and there's a sort of "shaft" with platforms back and forth somewhere in the middle of the map that trying to up it is just a death sentence because of the big guys with their ranged guns (and boy do those things have RANGE).

Definitely a game that made me go "oh...oh...oh!" as I figured out how things worked and how to solve puzzles. Even if that did mean having to sit around and wait for time to reset everything on the one with the moving ramp.

Pretty standard fare with how time was handled, but I expected that from most entries. We've all heard of Braid.

Having to listen to the tutorial a second time made me quit the game after failing the first level a second time. I don't need to hear it again and it takes forever and can't be skipped.

Having to listen to the tutorial a second time made me quit the game after failing the first level a second time. I don't need to hear it again and it takes forever and can't be skipped.

Interesting block placement/movement mechanic with how it interacts with the rewind system.

Definitely suffers from not having a restart level control.

Controls feel a little floaty, though I do like the the character. Having to play the level twice is interesting, as the level changes slightly in so doing, though it gets a little tedious.

I regret not being able to play more of this game, but the jumps on the third level are just too tight for me to be able to knock out three of them in a row in 5 seconds. :\ I managed to make it across, but the timer ran out before I could jump to the button.

Slick design, but maybe a little too tight.

Well, I got stuck.

Saw blade just kept me respawning either inside the second pillar (where I couldn't move) or on the first one (where I'd have to wait for it to kill me so I could be on the other side...and end up inside the pillar again).

Game's alright, but pretty much on par for what I expected from the jam. The physics are a little floaty and I feel I got past the turret by sheer happenstance rather than any deliberate plan. Similarly I don't really feel that I need the time rewind powers all that much.

As mentioned in another comment I just made, I'm still trying to balance between readability and having it obscure things too much.

As mentioned in an earlier reply, I both ran out of time and am not very good at 'juice' in general.

Yeah, I am still having trouble balancing the gui widget size between being "large enough to read" and "not obscuring everything else." I've more than doubled it since the jam period (I doubled the entire thing in Unity, then fiddled with the underlying graphic making it about 30% wider). Still trying to make the move and upgrade buttons stand out more, as well.

Could benefit from a scoring system (a simple timer or distance meter would be enough) just to give me some feedback on how well I was actually doing.

Nice concept though!

True enough, but given where the creeps spawn, it actually takes them a good couple of seconds to get close enough to see. The wave counter in the top right is not even technically accurate (its one-behind what the code's actually doing), and it only looks that way through **sheer coincidence** in timing.

Yeah, sound isn't really my forte and I was dealing with programmatic content all the way up to the deadline. Lots of the "juice" just isn't there. Still, I had fun making it!

That and always sending squares to one player is basically a free pass on that player's lines.

So you would say that you're *not in control* when it comes to color matching? ;)

High score so far is 99.65. Would have been nice to see what my score was, not just my high score, when I died.

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This was a rebuild of a 3-day project I did back in 2015 as part of an interviewing process (I got paid a flat $300 at the time).

So a lot of the concepts and ideas carried forward, along with a non-zero amount of code, but as my architecture was different, it did need to be updated, even if some of the math and logic didn't change (this was strictly limited to the modular components and reusable utilities). Definitely have cooler enemy models this time around, though the tower models got less so. Little less variety this time around too, ran out of time.

Models are all free assets off the asset store or hand-built from Unity primitives.

Thanks! It never ended up being a problem I had to deal with (never lost the only diary I made) but it was niggling in the back of my mind as a what-if.

There's a lot of fine detail in this that I absolutely love (just discovered that the back cover--at least in the PDF--has been torn off revealing page 153).

My first run ended earlier today (er, yesterday, its after midnight) and my character's final regret was that he didn't have the books he owned since childhood to keep him company for the interminable eons (prompt 65 saw to that, you have no idea how painful that was). On the flip side, prompt 52 also ended up being *absolutely perfect* for him as well as he saw himself as a guardian of nature.