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I jettisoned 50 colonists to escape a black hole, then found 13 stowaways.

Upon founding a colony they erected a memorial to the 37 that didn't make it. Excuse me? 37? I most definitely dropped 50 corpsicles into a black hole. ALL OF THEIR NAMES BELONG ON THAT WALL.

(Also, how do you die in a building collapse on a low gravity world? Actually, scratch that, how does a building even collapse in this situation?)

Fly blind,* shut down,* fly through the protoplanetary disc, eject the malfunctioning probe, send an interspecies message, eject people to escape the black hole, don't change course for the sensor malfunction. I'll also always move on if any planet condition is red unless there's sentient aliens (then it's kind of a toss-up, biasing towards finding new endings).

After that, anything that threatens the crew is dealt with in the least-lethal way possible (shut down the rogue program, kill the dictator, make a hab for the premature awakenings, etc).

I will also always avoid damage to the landing gear over anything else, followed by database (science higher priority than culture, unless the difference is greater than 20), then construction equipment. Non-perfect landing gear means you take damage to everything else upon landing. Non-perfect construction equipment results in post-landing fatalities for each non-ideal condition. Yes, I prioritize the landing gear and construction equipment over the colonists due to the fact that it's a net-gain in post-landing population (hell yes I'll let 120 colonists die to the micrometeorite, 20% damage to the landing gear is easily 200 dead on/after landing).

*Unless the guaranteed damage is on a sensor and that sensor is healthier than average and I've already taken damage (that is, I'll always fly blind if its the first time I've seen the event).

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Gonna start with this one. They named it Eden.

Dangerous Animals is probably the biggest killer post-landing in the game aside from No Water or High Gravity.

I haven't had any good-outcomes with natives yet. Only times I've run across industrial-or-later natives, my remaining colonists die post-landing. It's usually a not-so-great planet (eg. Trace water, but everything else is good, or I have damaged construction systems) or my colonists wipe out the bronze age civ in a brutal war.

Yeah, I didn't finish on time XD

I could not figure out level 1 at all. Level 2 I at least was able to get the concept for, but was unable to actually succeed at.

I got stuck on the 4th level with the 2 dark monsters. The 'next stage' button came up, but clicking it did nothing. Refreshed and tried again, still didn't work.

Car definitely does not have enough horses under the hood. Everything felt sluggish and unresponsive and I never felt like I was chasing down people that were driving too fast, just sorta rolling around an empty city with my siren on running the handful of cars that DO exist off the road (crashing into them counted).

Presentation and art is great, but the game is a little on the weak side.

You had a similar base concept as I did, but condensed it down to a simple 30-60 second experience.

The only real complaint I have is that the attacks I had weren't actually numbered, so I had to just mash keys to activate the ones that were off cooldown.

Even so I missed it too. Refreshed the page and re-read through the tutorial and then noticed the yellow caution border and went "hmm" and tried that.

Ended up beating the game without ever having to shut the servers down (the auto-refills were only at the ~0.45 mark across the board)

Hilarious, but you can spawn new pins literally anywhere and if you spawn them up at the top you can sometimes get the bowling balls to fly, making it very hard for them to knock pins off.

Also, any pins that fall off the side due to physics while setting up pins doesn't cause your needed pins count to go up (so, actively harmful to yourself with no recovery).

This one was weird! But rather quaint in its own way. Very unique.

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All art was from assets found via google search and was available under license for free.

There is no music. I am not a music-ishian.

Bullet Boss community · Created a new topic Files?

Yeah, I didn't get far enough to have anything to publish.

Watch the dev video (yes, it is titled "negative 1").

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Yup yup, the bow. There was no error message from the game, it died with the dump report and that was it.

Other items: Preserver, Belt of Balance, Moonstone Essence. Oh and demonologist iirc.

None of which shouldn't have impacted anything, as far as I know.

It was right at the end of a wave, though, last enemy (except the cosmic horror) dead. So it might've been an issue of timing between changing waves and dealing damage to the horror.

I blew it up again!

Pretty sure this'll be useless, but...

Game crashed because I rapidly clicked "next turn" while some piercing damage cascade was going on. I meant to grab a screenshot, but didn't realize closing the stack dump window would make the game window also vanish. Was on Frozen Horror (Hard), should have resolved just fine, I think I just clicked next turn (maybe double-clicked?) as it was chaining that piercing damage.

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Adding the Shapeshifter to this (Hard Sun Monestary). Ran across a pair of shapeshifters (I think it's the 3rd wave?) that BOTH had "damage cap 1" as their mutation and starting stats of 4/7 (I don't recall which was attack at the time, I think they were both 7 attack and 4 hp) and I only had three dice. There was no way to kill one and hp-tank the other, or have enough shield. Even with captured specters and a Sacrifice ability I don't think that fight was possible.

Damage cap of 2 or 3 would be more reasonable.

No problem! That was the first time it had shown up. Haven't seen it since.

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Version 2.0.3 and had it crash again; slightly differently, but in the same code. Dropped the 2x piercing on the guardian, which would cascade a piercing damage *and* a curse to the mummy. 

I am a few versions behind, aren't I!

Circadian Dice community · Created a new topic Crashed

My guess is that I tried to attack the guardian as selected dice were resolving (heals -> kill mummy; blade kill guardian -> shift curse -> oops everything's dead).

I am not entirely sure, but certainly like 15-20 minutes.

Narrowing in on doubling the developer's score.

I figured it out and I hate it. There's nothing about the sequence given that indicates that if you make Kong act sooner the helicopter crashes into him. There's a visual hint as you're moving his timewidget around, but I am not sure what that visual element *is.*

(Also, it might be relative to the clouds, I'm not really sure)

And then I broke 100k



Yeah, I definitely agree on all points.

I kinda ran out of ideas that I could easily see a good way to design a puzzle element (the only one I didn't try to pursue was just a variant of the crate, except it didn't rotate, and I couldn't figure out what kind of object that would be). Visual effects as a result of hitting the ghost is a good idea, I hadn't thought of it (then again, the explody ones explode and the crates freeze, and anything that dies has their ghost fade out, so it hadn't really occurred to me--related, the blue barrel's audio clip has a tone-shift).

I think I just noticed that enemies respawn where they died when you rewind time.

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Oh yeah, there's the full screen button. Thanks!

My highscore is 56045 77,000. I've had as much as 84k in the bank, though!

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After picking up quite a few gossip entries with Scarlet, while waiting on the beaver to make something special, I was exhausting those options. Any time a new one got added it would put "new" next to a grayed out entry. Selecting a different item in the list (pressing up or down once, I guess that refreshes the gui) would fix it, just thought I'd mention it.

It was valid criticism, was just saying that I had been aware of it. :)

I'm with Zion, this is the highest rating I've given out and I can't even finish it. I got to day 7 and I was like, "I can't, I'm done, this is nuts, my brain can't handle the stress." (I never did find an already rewound tape, though!)

Great job.

Pretty standard fare, given the jam's theme. Not bad, but not a whole lot that stands out either.

Liked the music.

Just because its so short. :)

Only really lost on the first level as I was getting my bearings again. I thought I'd remembered getting through the gap between the two revolvers, but perhaps not.

I think I spent longer setting up OBS than I did recording it XD

I felt the controls were very difficult to handle and that the color changed far too rapidly to do much more than make split second "do I need to dodge that one?" calls. There were also some colors that were impossible to distinguish from each other (the purples). The pale magenta (as a square) is visually the same color as the darker purple (as a solid surface).

Not sure rewinding was ever all that helpful to me, but I had troubles with the controls generally, so I can't say for sure.

Yeah, I'm not very good at music and couldn't even think of what *genre* to even go looking for to find something free. But yeah, I knew about the lack. Thanks for playing!

Goal: Figured that much.

What I meant though was that I don't understand what my powers *do.* Obviously fire sets the ships on fire and wind pushes them around (although I have to be so close to do either that I just get shot at). Its the third power that does nothing.  Or rather, whatever it is that it does do, I don't know what that is. I *presume* it is the power that matches the jam's theme (rewinding time in some fashion) but I never figured out what it was actually doing or how to utilize it.

Not so much that I didn't like the game, but more that I was disappointing that I didn't get to experience more of it, as I didn't want to sit through that much exposition again. I'll give it another shot and skip to level 2.

Turning back time doesn't always undo damage? Its weird and inconsistent.

I got to 3648 after a few tries, I think I bugged out the purple blocks, they would disappear after only getting a third of the way down the screen. The green guys are WAY too difficult to kill without getting hit and in general I think the game is too fast paced. There were a couple of times that I died because I dodged out of the way of the first two enemies to spawn and they reached the bottom of the screen?!? not sure how "required" the rewind mechanic is. I think I needed it once. Most of the turnstyle lasers can be avoided just by hugging the walls.