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An AI seedship must find a home for the last survivors of the human race · By John Ayliff

Easy decisions...

A topic by David Gonzo created Jul 05, 2019 Views: 1,287 Replies: 5
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What decisions do you always make in Seedship?  For example I always push the engines past their limits.  Seems like it's rare that it goes bad.  What other decisions do you always make a certain way?

fly blind, avoid comet and shut down

I never make decisions that leaves the damage up to random. Then it might hit my science or tech.

So I never push the engines past their limits and always avoid possible danger.

"Don't shut down" and "fly blind" used to be my go-to options because they give the lower damage, but I don't fly blind anymore after my culture got messed up over it. That costs a lot of points.

(For the same reason, damaged landing gear is awful; it does damage in several places and you cannot control where...)

I always fly blind, shut down, eject people to escape black hole.  I play it for fun and not really for score so if one of the options is kill people I typically pick that one because I would rather lose 50 people then 25% scanner functionality.

I just try to land on one of the first 10 planets and usually obtain a score over 7000 due to having almost all of my ship's stats intacts .

Fly blind,* shut down,* fly through the protoplanetary disc, eject the malfunctioning probe, send an interspecies message, eject people to escape the black hole, don't change course for the sensor malfunction. I'll also always move on if any planet condition is red unless there's sentient aliens (then it's kind of a toss-up, biasing towards finding new endings).

After that, anything that threatens the crew is dealt with in the least-lethal way possible (shut down the rogue program, kill the dictator, make a hab for the premature awakenings, etc).

I will also always avoid damage to the landing gear over anything else, followed by database (science higher priority than culture, unless the difference is greater than 20), then construction equipment. Non-perfect landing gear means you take damage to everything else upon landing. Non-perfect construction equipment results in post-landing fatalities for each non-ideal condition. Yes, I prioritize the landing gear and construction equipment over the colonists due to the fact that it's a net-gain in post-landing population (hell yes I'll let 120 colonists die to the micrometeorite, 20% damage to the landing gear is easily 200 dead on/after landing).

*Unless the guaranteed damage is on a sensor and that sensor is healthier than average and I've already taken damage (that is, I'll always fly blind if its the first time I've seen the event).