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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Suggestions for long term play

A topic by MarmaladeNeko created Jan 26, 2018 Views: 649 Replies: 5
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so I enjoy long term gameplay in the endless mode and have a few suggestions: (edit a crazy amount of these are on trello so I moved the ones I can remember to the bottom of the list and added some new ones)

-It would be nice to have the energy needs/generation for each item listed in it's description in the craft window - I mean I eventuall figured it out by seeing how much gen was added to a battery when I added a new reactor but...

-It would be nice to know if/what differences the different foods make, does just eating fruit or grass-gruel make me hungry eariler or lose oxygen faster than hardy meals? 

-It would be nice to be able to move the map screen to see how far and what direction I am from base after I've gone far enough that It's no longer on the screen

-It would be nice to be able to transplant the trees to set up a farm - or be able to  grow them from seed

-have more uses for scrap metal - I have some ridiculous amount in storage  because almost everything needs ore and there's few uses for scrap after I got established besides the bonus items like gears and circut borads

- be able to convert water back to ice so I can make oxygen tanks

- have  a biodome/Park that takes some rediculous resources but looks pretty and generates oxygen

- make some ridiculous reasource requirement to increase your suits oxygen capacity 

-make a jackhammer attachment to the vehicle so I can destroy boulders as I drive

- get a mail order spouse (my cats always a girl so I’d prefer no ‘bride’) that you can give a task to like collect water when it rains, harvest and replant food in the base, harvest certain fruit trees, fix oxygen leaks like the dumb driod.....

-have some sort of ‘moon beast’ maybe a mouse we can farm for meat/fur and the fences to contain them - maybe they’ll only eat certain food

- maybe a storage on the vehicle so I can get rid of items that don’t fit in suit storage without having to go all the way back to base or leave things on the ground

-Have a water tower that automatically stores rain from the collectors or have some way to funnel it to the indoor water storage

- improve multiple drone interaction (I tried having three drones on one habitat to fix multiple promblems symultaniously and they all tried to fix the same thing at once...or each went to the problem furthest from them. it would be nice if they interacted better of had visible feilds of influence

-have some random generation of materials or some sort of event that drops debris like a comet, meteor, or satalite crash

Thank you for making this wonderful game I really enjoy playing and I hope my suggestions help/inspire/ make you laugh :)


good ideas!

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a few more since the edit:

-If storms get more dangerous it might be nice to have some sort of emergency shelter we could carry to wait it out

-weather system to predict sand and rain storms

-if you wanted ideas to make sand storms more dangerous you could combine them with boulders to cause damage to habs, cat, and be a good way to introduce ores

-it would also be nice to be able to control whether we want both music and sound effects ..... the random ones really trip me up but I enjoy the music

-It woiuld be cool to recieve missions or items by delivery like the set up boxes so we have to find them

- it would also be neat to have temperature ranges - ice only being availible during certain times and plants 'growing' in others (but I like the way the trees fruit now)

-while I really enjoy the cat design - it might be interesting to beable to upgrade the suit, just changing the color or affecting the stats or even adding a tail 

I also have a question, does anyone know how updates effect saved games? i only really started playing hard core after the last update and saving longterm games

Updates won't affect your saves that much (i even want to say that they never affect your saves), except for updates that change game structure itself (like 0.42) - game would ask you to "fix" the save if it's old and need to be adapted to the new version of the game. Btw i think there is a generation problem (like in Minecraft) like you studied this part of terrain, updated the game, there added new biomes for example, you went into the unstudied places and boom! Suddenly, generation there is seems to be odd if compare to old generation.


It would be great to add different kinds of harvesters to collect different types of resources.

Sometimes you want to collect a certain resource, but the minimap does not allow you to find it. Solution: add the ability to enable/disable the display of specific resources on the minimap.

weh, it's not so hard to get ore or scrap even when you've used up all that's near