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considering the changes are only cosmetic, isn't this technically a texture pack?

Nothing happens when I click the update button

when I click, the 'Update Available Button, nothing happens, I assume the game is suppoed to update itself when I click it, if not, then how do I update it?

Thanks for including a lot of my suggestions! But plz, add tree removing, its a nessesity for megabases...

good ideas!

I see some pools of water and what seems to be a pump, are those going to be added?

You need to press R to rotate the airlock away from your base.

Also I think there should be a small animation for when fruit trees regrow their fruit

Here is a list of stuff that could possibly get added in future updates (this is not written by a person with expert game design experience, so take it with a pinch of salt)

Ability to chop down trees.

You can chop down trees (possibly using a new tool, I.e crude axe) to get tree seeds (which grow in the greenhouse and when maturity is reached, continually grow fruit at a similar time to wild fruit trees, if chopped down, they would also give you wood, a combustable fuel used in...

Burner generator.

Does what you think, burns combustables to produce power (although not biofuel, which would produce less power than the burner generator), such as wood or


Occasionally found in new coal nodes or in giant rocks, possibly used in crafting.

Burner Smelter

This furnace takes the recipe of the original smelter (which gets renamed to electric smelter  and its recipe is changed to 3 metal sheets and 2 metal bars)

And can only craft metal sheets and metal bars, and uses the same combustables as the combustion generator.

Vehicle upgrades

You can upgrade your buggy with one front, and one back upgrade (vehicle upgrades are crafted at the garage and must be manually placed on the buggy of your choosing, they can not be removed)

Possible front upgrades: Drill, automatically digs at rocks in front of the buggy. Plating: less damage is done to the buggy when it hits a rock.

Possible back upgrades: Comms upgrade: shows the same buggy icon as the one on the minimap on the comms circle (I don't know what it is actually called it is just the circle where the diamond shape for the comms tower is displayed) However, it has less range than the normal comms tower. Cargo upgrade: adds a trunk space of one outside cargo container to your buggy.

New vehicles

Tank: fires explosive shells (that must be crafted by the player) that can blow up rocks from a distance, has more health, moves a lot slower

Underground reservoirs and piping

Underground water and Oil reservoirs will rarely appear on the map, and require a pump, which requires electricity to pump out the goods, which will be stored in a small tank contained in the pump (which functions the same way as a water reservoir 

The liquids can then be transferred automatically to liquid holders via pipes ( which can only carry one type of liquid at a time) Pipes can be crafted into pipes with valves which function similarly to power switches, as they block any flow of liquid past said pipe

New liquid containers

New oil and petroleum containers are added to hold their respective liquids, as well as larger outside variants that hold more, are twice the hight, and become translucent when you walk behind them to give you visibility

Oil refinement

Torefine oil, all you have to do is craft a new oil refinery, and manually or automatically (via pipes) place in oil and remove petroleum, the machine uses a lot of power however.

Then you can use the petroleum in a petroleum generator to produce large amounts of power

Improved  tools

The crude shovel digs a lot slower, however, you can eventually craft a regular shovel with metal plated and a beam to mine ores at a faster speed

Automatic crafting bench

To use the regular crafting bench. you must be in the crafting menu to  craft items, however, you can upgrade it to an automatic crafting bench using electronics, which functions the same way as today's crafting bench

Suit upgrades

Your suit can be upgraded at a upgrade station to do make quality of life better, such as more oxygen suit power, a larger light, minimap loading faster (it takes a couple extra seconds to load without it).

Control panel

You can not see your base statistics until you have built this module, power is now also included in the statistics, along with oil and petroleum.

Possible revamps

RTGs get a full rehaul, instead of constantly producing power, they no longer require nuclear fuel to craft, but rather produce huge amounts of power when fueled by nuclear fuel, big rocks occasionally drop ore and coal, scrap metal nodes can also yield metal plates and bars, scrap metal as a item can be smelted in the electric smelter, as another recipe for metal plates, which can be selected by clicking on arrows to change crafting recipes (example, metal plates can wither be crafted with 1 ore, or 2 metal scrap). Rare radioactive ore nodes can be found on the mewn. The mewn has a limited size, and loops around like a regular planet would. Sit power now drains over time, and reduction can be reduced manually shutting off your HUDs. New portable batteries can be charged at your base, which are renewable, along with oxygen tanks, but they must be recharged or refilled at a refilling station, which takes power and oxygen directly from your base.

and if so, does it loop back around to the other side of the map?

I just have a simple question, does the mewn go on forever, or is it limited?

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Small Bug

When scavenging after just loading back into my game, I found a root on the regular terrain instead of the low one, when I harvested it, it just gave me the normal yield, I don't think this is supposed to happen but idk.

I think you should be able to have the ability to uproot or break trees, because they can often get in the way when you are building a megabase like I currently am.