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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Pirate Mod 0.1 (Not a pirated version)

A topic by LordRedB created Feb 27, 2018 Views: 648 Replies: 8
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I, LordRedB have created the first(?) mod for MewnBase!!!

This mod changes the game into a pirate themed version of the game. So a lot of the text is changed to pirate speak. And a lot of the sprites are now pirate themed!  Game play wise everything should be the same except pirate themed.

This is only version 0.1 and it is kinda buggy and messed up at places. But do not fear for I shall hopefully go through and give everything a bit more polish.

How to install:

1. Download the zip file and take out the PirateBase folder.

2. Go into the game folder. (If in the launcher right click on the image and click local files/game folder)

3. Go into the folder marked game (inside the game folder is a folder named game)

4. You will see a file called Desktop-1.0.jar open it in winwar or a zip file opener equivalent

5. Drag the files inside the PirateBase folder (NOT THE FOLDER ITSELF) into the winwar window and click okay on the window that pops up.

6. Close the windows and just play Mewnbase and it should load up into MewnBase Pirate Edition!


If you have any comments, gripes or suggestions leave them in the comments :P

Hm, i just thought, what if someone will make a site with mods for MewnBase?

I feel that since there is only 1 mod for Mewnbase it would be kinda empty XD

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Well, there must be smart people that would make it full. Btw i'm currently trying to make a modded RTG...  trying... there is no way to add a recipe in existing Workbench or Construction Yard, i think...

I think I found how when I was messing around if I can figure it out ill show you how kk?

okay, thx)


> trying... there is no way to add a recipe in existing Workbench or Construction Yard, i think...

I can certainly try making this easier to do in a future version. Going to slowly start moving a lot of stuff in the game over to data / json files.

Thank you, Steve! That will make MewnBase modding grow.

considering the changes are only cosmetic, isn't this technically a texture pack?