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Interest check: Game about video games development MMO

A topic by DireBoarGames created Jan 25, 2018 Views: 139 Replies: 2
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I guess many of you played, or heard about Mad Games Tycoon or older Game Dev Tycoon. I myself played both a lot, and they have really got reviews and ratings.

What I wonder - would people like to try something similar, but with real opponents, and competition against each other, and not with scripted AI?

I am thinking about browser economic MMO, like Simunomics or Rail Nations, but about the development of video games. And not with persistent world, but with game rounds, from week to month length.

Tell me what you think!


I'm not sure.  

By default, if you need to pay for servers I say it's too risky, but then again I don't know your background - if you think you can pull it off then by all means go for it!

I wonder how many people will be interested in this. I mean, interested enough to pay for gold account or something like that.

Of course I don't want to do that as charity!