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The Villaintine

A topic by niannn created Jan 25, 2018 Views: 191 Replies: 2
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Welcome back, Princesses!

It's your second year in St. Goals and you've all done a remarkable job last year. In fact, some of you managed more than ten Villaintines, a grand feat! I hope you all have the same performance this year too!

Now, before we start this year and I let you go to your assigned Villaintines, let's all state the Princess Code:

I, state your name, would uphold the school's mission to clear the world of evil. By giving love to those scorned and turning those monsters into angels. I will be a representative of Peace, Love, and Tranquility...

The Princess knew the code by heart. She is one of the many in St. Goals who wants to help turn a Villain's life around by showing them that someone out there can try to understand them. That there's someone who just wants to be their friend and show them love.

Also, she failed last year's assignment so this year might just be her chance to achieve something... in apparently, just five days. In which she finds out that everything is just based on stereotypes and her beliefs are not exactly as good as she thinks it is. 

  • Stereotypes: the Villains and Princesses' edition
  • One Ending but with two variations 
  • Choices that don't heavily influence the story, they are there for a variety of responses. it only matters if you want to be possible lovers in the future.
  • Story-oriented
  • Extras section!
  • Playable in Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Cute Character Sprites (?)
  • Sob stories (?)
  • Monochrome Backgrounds
  • A protagonist who tells bad jokes and pick-up lines
  • A tsundere side character
  • A dog who hates your very presence
  • A fanboy who asks for signatures in lanterns
  • And many more...

The Princess (alias-able: instead of a name, you give her an alias!)

'Don't worry, I'll make your life colorful if you let me.'

A cheerful girl who thinks a lot. After failing last year, and being nagged by her Father day in day out, she wanted to do her best this year.


  • can sometimes call herself 'The Princess of Bad Timings'
  • tells bad jokes and pick-up lines
  • cheerful but might lowkey self-depreciate

The Villain (his name can appear early in the game or at the end)

'It seems unable to take a hint.'


  • passive
  • refers to everything as 'It'
  • stuck in the emo phase
  • you can probably steal from his house


For credits, the full list is in the game's folder.


The art style is great. I added it to my interesting games collection so it should get some homepage time!

OMG xD Thank you so much :) this is one of the greatest compliments I received this day and I really, really appreciate it. Again, thank you so much  :)