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MacOS "CoQ is Broken/Damaged" SOLUTION

A topic by jpedroza created Jan 04, 2022 Views: 909 Replies: 3
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Hello fellow Mac users.  I know several of us have been having issues with MacOS not allowing us to open the game, but after some digging around online, I found a solution. Rather than deleting the app and using bootcamp to play instead, I found that there is a simple fix using the Terminal. Open terminal and input the following: "sudo xattr -rd /Applications/", then press enter. The terminal will prompt you to enter your password. After entering your user password, the app will be able to launch as normal! Hope this helps :)


THANK YOU! That saved me from feeling total dread for paying $20 for something I can't use quite yet.


Hey there!  I had the same problem and tried your solution.  The Terminal gave me a "xattr: No such file: /Applications/".  I then realized I had to make sure the game file was in the Applications folder.  Once I did that the game worked!  Thank you so much for that work around!

thanks, problem persists, solution still works.