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this is a wonderful relaxing game. Been playing it daily for a about 4 days now and it’s just so niiiice.

I'm enjoying this! Really simple and fun.

A couple things I noticed in Klondike:

  • When you pick up an Ace from a foundation, you can't press A to put it back, you have to press B. Nothing huge, just a small thing.
  • In most Klondike games I've played, when you're restarting the draw pile, it shows no cards drawn. I have a habit of hitting it twice, but here that makes me skip the first draw. Maybe make it optional? Or I could just get used to it. lol

Thanks for this nice addition to my library!

I'm reading this after writing my little review on the game page. The influence was seen, but this game stands on it's own. It was a ton of fun to play with really simple fun puzzles. I've been toying with the idea of making games with the Playdate as well, so I'll be digging into these videos as well!

This game was a lot of fun! It really reminds me of one of my favorite games, Hugo's House of Horrors ('s_House_of_Horrors). Can't wait to see what you make next!

THANK YOU! That saved me from feeling total dread for paying $20 for something I can't use quite yet.

This was a lot of fun to play. Took me about 40 mins total. Can't wait to play more!