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Account-wide community

A topic by Rekka & Devine created Jan 19, 2018 Views: 95 Replies: 2
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One feature we would love to have is an account view of the community pages. So for instance, have a that displays all games with community forums enabled. It would be used by us as an oversight of the community activity.

Thanks again for the great tools.


I think this is a good idea but I haven't really thought about how I want to structure it yet. Should it be a separate thing from your project discussion boards, or should your project discussion boards show up inside of it, and you can add any number of additional ones alongside them?

If you just want a simple discussion board associated with your account I can enable one for you. (But the integration isn't the greatest yet)

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The way I would like to use this would be to see a list of all projects discussion boards showing up one after the other, not unlike this view: . Where each board is the project's board. 

As for having an account-wide general discussion board associated with our account would be nice, I would route all discussions there, some people find GitHub issues quite confusing, this would be a good place to talk with our patrons.