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Maximum number of 500 files for HTML5 games

A topic by Magic Chicken Nuggets created Jan 18, 2018 Views: 279 Replies: 5
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Is there any way to get around the maximum file/folder number limit of 500 for the html5 games?

My project needs some more files. 750 would be more than sufficient. ;)

Thank you very much and kind regards...


We can increase the limit on request, but we highly recommend you figure out how to compress you game and reduce the number of files, or consider offering your game as a downloadable only.

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Increasing the limit by a small number would be very nice. There is no good way to decrease the number of files since RPG Maker MV simply generates a lot of files. Specifically, there are already less than 500 files in the project, however, the folders are also counted as files.

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For an HTML5 game, it should be able to load within a certain amount of time (even on slow connections).  This isn't NewGrounds where every game has a several-minute loading bar (or longer).

If folders are being counted as 'files' then that may be a bug in the system.  However for now it may be useful to offer a downloadable option in the interim.

I feel that instead of a 'number of files' limit that itchio just have a 'file size' limit for HTML5 games and devs offer a download option for larger projects.

I actually agree with increasing the size.  On other game sites you can easily publish without worries.

Maybe the admin can consider linking to the developer documents that recommend using 'butler' as the open-source command-line tool for itch uploads and that the file size limits are increased to 50 GB when doing so.