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Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

A retro sci-fi comedy point and click adventure featuring the hapless Captain Disaster. · By CaptainD

Favourite puzzle(s) Sticky

A topic by CaptainD created Jan 16, 2018 Views: 295 Replies: 2
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As a game designer it's always tough to judge how a particular puzzle will be received.  (I must add that some puzzles in the game were partly / entirely designed by my co-dev, but you can blame me for most of them.)  The final puzzle of the game in particular seems in retrospect to have been rather poorly conceived - it made (and still makes) perfect sense to me, but not to other people!

I think the puzzle I'm most proud of is the RoboMusic puzzle (encompassing all the samples you have to collect and how to make them sound right).  It seems to have been quite popular with testers too.  But what about you?  Let me know what puzzles you liked (or didn't, I guess - I will try to take everything into account when designing the next Captain Disaster game!

I liked how there were multiple stages to the puzzles. The RoboMusic puzzle is a good example, as were creating the fuel and returning the contraband detector. I think my actual favourite was how Ten-Eyed Tony and Denzel actually gave useful hints.

The last puzzle was indeed a bit odd, as I felt setting all dials to 7 would have made the craft the most uncontrollable (maximum power leads to less control, maximum boost leads to less control, overly sensitive leads to less control, and compensating for high gravity would apply  even more power and thus less control).


Yay it only took 2 years for someone to post a reply!! :-D

Thanks for your comments.  I can't remember at what stage I decided to make our alien trader friends give out some useful hints - originally I had planned for talking to Zero-Bit to be essentially a hint system, but because the voice actor was unavailable during production decided to make it impossible to communicate with him whilst on the planet's surface, so I needed to add some extra pointing.

About the final puzzle, I had in mind that you had to send the chair out of control without triggering its automatic safety mechanisms, I had a lot of trouble communicating this to my co-dev so it was probably only clear in my own mind :-o