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App is dead?

A topic by jvook created Dec 18, 2021 Views: 1,621 Replies: 6
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No update since Nov 2020 also Castlevania doesn't work

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No, it's not dead. Latest 3dSen patch was on April 6, 2021. 3dSen Maker hasn't been updated as there hasn't been a direct need.


Also, Castlevania works, at least for me.


There has been no update for a long time, we have supported the program

I'm disappointed


Love this app. Hope to see a gameboy version.


I agree with dpanter. Is there really a direct need to have this updated all the time? It works well, right? There are plenty of games out there that get released, patched a few times, and then the product is "done".

I can think of plenty of feature and improvement requests but the developer shouldn't be obligated to keep working on the one product if they consider it finished and want to move on. Meanwhile, we've paid for something that IS finished and works well.


thats my biggest issue with gaming as a whole, if something is finished, its finished, not everything needs to be updated constantly, and i hate to, but back in my day, games didnt even get patches lol