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Sweet! I'm excited for this one. Flea is an awesome game.

I get that sellers process payments differently, but could we get this as a feature at the seller level? There's a bundle right now, but everything I want in it is 50 cents, and I don't need the bundle, just parts. 

Thanks for the quick response!

Is this an NES ROM, or is it just a Windows app?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I was just wondering if the Steam version has the ROM in the files. I like the idea of the expanded version, but being able to emulate is a higher priority for me :)

Even something like Homebrew for the platform would go a long way. The tag exists, but platform would probably help visibility more.

There are all sorts of consoles and retro PCs with homebrew ROMS on, but they aren't always easy to find.

You might want to give this game some more tags. I'm always searching for sales with the tags NES ROM and NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), and your game didn't come up in that search.

What is the difference between the previous rom file and the one you uploaded today?


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Thank you for generously adding the box art, manuals, and updated rom! I wish I was in a financial spot to support NES devs like you on the Kickstarter campaigns. I've played this whole series through on the older roms and loved them all! I plan to play your Orebody games as well. It was nice to be able to update my Windows shortcuts with icons I made from the new art!

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Is this not the original game? Videos I'm watching seem a bit different in layout. (Edit: Never mind, I looked up information on versions, and I see this is 2.1. Cool :))

I tried it on 2 more Genesis cores. SMS plus GX wouldn't run it at all. Genesis Plus GX transitioned to the second building both times. So far, that looks like it will work.

Was the rom supposed to have the same file name? I tried the new file in PicoDrive again, different device. It returned to the logo screen after the first building just as before.

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Do you have a recommended emulator? Running from RetroArch, PicoDrive loops back to the opening credits (Second Dimension logo) when I load my saved state that starts at the win screen for the first building. The game's graphics are glitchy in BlastEm.

Never mind. I think it is, I just thought it applied to magic as well.

Awesome.  Thanks!

Is the book of Sutter working? I can't tell the difference.

Is the content any different from the NES version? (More levels? Modes?)

Amazing game! I'm definitely recommending it to others.

Interesting. Good to know!

Never mind. I found out 7-5 loops back to 7-1.

I love the game! What happens if you keep going? Does it loop until it crashes or is a final stage set?

Keep up the good work!

Bug report: When you jump kick next to an object that prevents you from moving forward, the leggite's foot goes flying by itself (in 3.18.22).

I'm excited this game can be bought again! Will the second game come in the future?

Does the game have an end? How many stages? Also, that cover art would be awesome :) Thanks for making great games!

Awesome,  thanks!

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Would it be possible to have the Pico-8 file as one of the downloads?

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Also, several life energy hearts can be exploited like that third key. I noticed this a lot in the 4th stage. 

Sometimes the area's load screen gets stuck. There seems to be variable load time. A few times I've just loaded a save state because it doesn't seem it will make it through. The screen for the finale stage locked up twice. I'm playing using the Mesen 0.9.9 core in RetroArch. 

Is it intentional there is no indication how many lives you have? Once I got to the 5th stage death was permanent, and I wasn't sure if that's just a function of being in the enemy's main headquarters or if I had a certain amount of lives and had lost my final one.

(Great game btw! Just reporting the bugs so you can get them out.)

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I love the game so far! Not sure if it was intentional, but the first key can be exploited (it reappears if you return to that screen). Edit: Correction, 3rd key

Not that they have this crow, but here is a list of Gameboy stuff on that includes some free assets (only if they say they're free of course):

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That's not really true. There are hardly any games that use the developer's own art. Most have a team or use assets that are free or purchased. There's nothing wrong with asking. What's wrong is when the assets are used without permission. Don't discourage people from making games just because they don't do their own art.

It played very nicely on my Android phone. It'd be nice to see on Google Play eventually.  I'll definitely be buying this amazing game on Steam.

The game just had a major update with new modes:

Also, Castlevania works, at least for me.