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I like the pack, any more shadowrun type stuff you do, I'll pick up later.

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Hey I just finished a game that includes this asset pack. Check it out at , its called Renegade Plan B. I used the Heart for a giant dimensional space ship and the interior tiles for the cockpit.  It fits the mood I was going for perfectly. I used the little virus creatures as crew for the ship.

Love this app. Hope to see a gameboy version.

Why is this unavailable? 

hey man where did you get the cool sci-fi sprites?

Can you make more like this please?

Great, thank you very much.

That'd be very cool, thank you.

I'll be honest dude, I looked through that tutorial and tried getting things to work for a few hours but just having a few pre-done windows to drag and drop makes a world of difference. I'm sure there are other people that know the 9 slicing format very well, I'm just not one of them so for stuff like this I'll have to go with something easier to use. 

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Not entirely sure, I usually just drop the PNG into unity and resize it from there.  A few different rectangles and squares would probably be fine? I'll look into the 9 slice a bit later. The one on the top of the page there is pretty good... maybe one that is a little bigger or fatter. Some pre-constructed buttons? The rest of your stuff is really useful, I'll put your name in the credits. 

I was looking at stuff like this thinking you had some pre-sets in PSD or something. Anyway, my fault.

3D objects using your sprites as textures. Either you do it or I do it... it'll probably be me. :)

So awesome, now if you could just convert them to VR.

It would really help to have some pre-assembled windows. Which program uses 9 slices?  I know I just joined to get some useable GUIs and so far what they have is fully assembled windows, panels, controls etc in .PNG format. They're pretty easy to use, just drag and drop really. Something like that would certainly help speed things along and you already have everything separated into their individual pieces for people who really need to customize things. That would be a big help to me anyway as I don't really have the extra time to fiddle with UI's. 

Just bought this asset... unfortunately, unlike your other stuff, I don't feel this one was worth the money. There is no easy way to use this to build UI for Unity. Love the rest of the graphics though, wish this was more drag & drop.

Love these, worth the money!