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That's what happens when you get ahead of yourself.

Loved the atmosphere and music. It served as a nice contrast to the absurdity of the story.

Lol I do agree on this. The very fact that the app itself is tagged 18+ and requires you to confirm you're an adult kinda colors the intent behind the tool. Meantime, I just want to use it to bring a little cartoon character to life.

What a fun concept. Could definitely be expanded on too. Love the characters and voice acting.

Wondering if I found a secret ending or the real one though...

I imagine it'll be available on the developer's profile page once it gets released?

Why not try it and let us know how it went? It certainly works perfectly fine on my Steam Deck!

What a cool freakin' program this is. Love how you can even export the project source and do other stuff with it from there on.

Incredibly snappy gameplay and nice music.

This was very cute! Looking forward to the full release. Hoping a little that there'll be a way to disobey in the final thing :)

You deserve more than an average rating of 0 for this.

Well, now I know what a servo is.

Cute little game :)


What a silly but great idea. This could honestly be an entire full-fledged game, were it not for this copyright-ridden world we live in...

What a nice little font. I know it's challenging to make a font that really stands out at these pixel sizes and you sure have done it.

Looks Vaporwave af, looking forward to it.

Interesting ARG game. I haven't figured out who she is yet

What an experience.

Starting off strong with those Neon Genesis Evangelion drums

Great new version. I love easter eggs and secrets so this is my kinda jam.

This is great. Works beautifully on Steam Deck without any hassle getting the game to work on some obscure obsolete Adobe platform. Thanks a lot for this!

If I remember correctly it was P but try every letter key otherwise.

Mmmmm, more garbage for me to consume. Nice progress!

Sweet! Good initiative, the games deserve the love.

Good stuff. Good call drawing a line too - the fact that you've effectively developed the game since the DOS days is amazing enough in its own right!

This was very good. Great pixel art, good humor, excellent music. I could feel some of the influence of Moon RPG somehow, too.

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This was great. Good original battle mechanics too.

Pizza Archibald is a better character than we've ever had.

I definitely remember that little robot guy.

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Thanks for providing a Linux build! The mouse sensitivity is a little low but it works perfectly otherwise!

I can't believe I'm playing an Egglike on the hip new Steam Deck console, lol

That was a neat little experience.

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Haha, well, y'know, it's become my favorite system to play games on so I try everything I can on it. A surprising amount of stuff just works!

I'll keep looking for solutions; maybe I can get it to work with Steam Proton instead and get different results. If that doesn't work out I'll wait patiently. :)

Edit: adding it to Steam, enabling Proton, installing the RTP, then running the game totally worked! I can play this with save files now.

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Enjoying these more than I expected.

Also, I don't seem to be able to save the game in AG2. AG1 was fine. Is this normal or am I running into a weird Wine issue (playing these on my Steam Deck)?

Edit: might be a Wine issue as it logs some file-related information to the terminal every time I try to save.

"Oh well!"

Edit 2: phew. Worked around it by copying saves from AG1 and I can overwrite those... Weird issue but at least I can save now, lol.

Edit 3: but it won't let me load... Your remakes seem to function just fine. Could you maybe re-export the second game pretty please even if the remake isn't done yet? It might solve my weird savefile issue.

I've really been enjoying these, and the cbz format is appreciated!

Yep, looks like playback is just broken entirely. :( I might get it to work by tweaking Wine but without any leads on where to start I think I won't bother. Oh well, just the imagery alone is quite an interesting experience already!

Well, this was bizarre. I liked the humor and the weird Instagram page. It ended way too suddenly!

I enjoyed going to all the places. I also enjoyed the cute little beat that happens if you keep navigating the tab menu.

Well, now he has the Grim Reaper to hang around with in his death!

It's 64-bit only, unfortunately.

Kinda curious what kind of computer you're trying to run this on? 32-bit CPU's aren't really a thing anymore in the desktop market...

The word you're looking for is "request"! "Quest" means something like "adventure".

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No, the download just has no extension. Add .zip and you can unpack and play the game.