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Good stuff. Good call drawing a line too - the fact that you've effectively developed the game since the DOS days is amazing enough in its own right!

This was very good. Great pixel art, good humor, excellent music. I could feel some of the influence of Moon RPG somehow, too.

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This was great. Good original battle mechanics too.

Pizza Archibald is a better character than we've ever had.

I definitely remember that little robot guy.

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Thanks for providing a Linux build! The mouse sensitivity is a little low but it works perfectly otherwise!

I can't believe I'm playing an Egglike on the hip new Steam Deck console, lol

That was a neat little experience.

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Haha, well, y'know, it's become my favorite system to play games on so I try everything I can on it. A surprising amount of stuff just works!

I'll keep looking for solutions; maybe I can get it to work with Steam Proton instead and get different results. If that doesn't work out I'll wait patiently. :)

Edit: adding it to Steam, enabling Proton, installing the RTP, then running the game totally worked! I can play this with save files now.

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Enjoying these more than I expected.

Also, I don't seem to be able to save the game in AG2. AG1 was fine. Is this normal or am I running into a weird Wine issue (playing these on my Steam Deck)?

Edit: might be a Wine issue as it logs some file-related information to the terminal every time I try to save.

"Oh well!"

Edit 2: phew. Worked around it by copying saves from AG1 and I can overwrite those... Weird issue but at least I can save now, lol.

Edit 3: but it won't let me load... Your remakes seem to function just fine. Could you maybe re-export the second game pretty please even if the remake isn't done yet? It might solve my weird savefile issue.

I've really been enjoying these, and the cbz format is appreciated!

Yep, looks like playback is just broken entirely. :( I might get it to work by tweaking Wine but without any leads on where to start I think I won't bother. Oh well, just the imagery alone is quite an interesting experience already!

Well, this was bizarre. I liked the humor and the weird Instagram page. It ended way too suddenly!

I enjoyed going to all the places. I also enjoyed the cute little beat that happens if you keep navigating the tab menu.

Well, now he has the Grim Reaper to hang around with in his death!

It's 64-bit only, unfortunately.

Kinda curious what kind of computer you're trying to run this on? 32-bit CPU's aren't really a thing anymore in the desktop market...

The word you're looking for is "request"! "Quest" means something like "adventure".

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No, the download just has no extension. Add .zip and you can unpack and play the game.

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If you know that it's a zip file, surely you also know how to unpack the zip file.

If not... Right click it, extract it. You now have a bunch of files including the "Your FREE BitBuddy™.exe" you can double click to run the game.

Well, y'know. I looked around, talked to creatures, observed the sussy amogus. I'm not sure there's more but if not, there's definitely a potential exploration game here.

Hmmm. Something seems to be up with the Linux version. The mouse didn't get locked in properly, so I was able to only look around in a very limited area before the mouse cursor hits the edge of the screen and refuses to move the camera any further. The view also started upside down.

Somewhat ironically, the Windows version through Wine works fine. Hooray, I guess. :P

There's a split second when new videos load where the video titles are all messed up. I think I read "they're trapped" or something like that.

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Both this and the prequel are very neat. I like the puzzle aspect. But I also think they end too suddenly, are perhaps a little too cryptic, and the concept of being on a YouTube or Twitch-like site isn't fully leveraged. For the millions of views people are getting, no one certainly seems to be responding or involved in any way...

There's a hint system in the menu where it would have felt nicer if you could ask some of the other commenters for help so the hint at least seems to come from someone, somewhere. FeedVid Live had similar issues.

But I enjoyed the experience. :)

Can confirm the game works well on Linux now, from start to end, including detecting the user name!

(Tested on Steam Deck if that matters.)

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I was a little confused about various things, but all in all it was fun, silly and had just the right vibe.

Also, LOVE that troll sound effect at the ending screen.

Wish I could fullscreen the web version.

I agree with dpanter. Is there really a direct need to have this updated all the time? It works well, right? There are plenty of games out there that get released, patched a few times, and then the product is "done".

I can think of plenty of feature and improvement requests but the developer shouldn't be obligated to keep working on the one product if they consider it finished and want to move on. Meanwhile, we've paid for something that IS finished and works well.

This is still useful with the newer version of the program since it allows injection of other sources.

Tried this specifically because when running on Linux with Proton, not a single video wants to play. I can't tell if it's a thing with the compatibility layer or if video playback simply broke, though.

So I've been exploring and thinking about this game and I gotta say... This has real potential as a multiplayer guessing game. One person types in the prompt, and other people then explore the hallways trying to figure out what the prompt is.

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This is such a fun concept. It's a little wonky -- it stops working and I have to refresh all the time; sometimes sections of the museum end up blocking other sections; videos never work for me -- but I've seen so many silly, funny and unexpected things just roaming around a little.

Entering "exit sign" is especially funny because you end up getting a whole bunch of unhelpful exit signs pointing you in all directions.

This is a very fun concept!

Happy to see a new demo, it looks great!

This looks and sounds great! Looking forward to the update!

Ooh, I didn't! That's going to be very helpful!

Happy holidays!

Found a new secret in the cool checkerboard place! Apparently you can rope around the outside of the level from the walk-through fence and discover... Uh...

Oh, I forgot!! Hold the zoom button (right mouse) for a very long time and you get warped to this weird place.

The dude making the face and hands around that corner, also moves up and down along with your own vertical position. Pretty silly stuff.

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So this is a true Boner of a game and right up my alley. I'm crazy about secrets in games and even more crazy when it's presented as a major part of the game.

I took screenshots of all (most?) secrets that I found, and figured I'd share them here and ask what little secrets everyone else has found!

Starting area

Right on top of the structure you start the game at. You end up with a witch hat for the rest of the game.

On top of the castle (kinda difficult to get to), there's a Haunted PlayStation logo and a skeleton dude who brings you to a pretty big bonus area if you hold onto him.

...But if you let go before you get warped to that bonus area, you can end up on top of the middle part of the castle! I can't seem to get there exactly as there's an invisible border, but it seems one of those bald heads lives inside the crown. Additionally, some other picture on the inner wall??

This is the closest I could get to the inner wall pic and I'm laughing my ass off.

(Edit: I zoomed in a little and the small text says "I am in control of my own destiny")

Skeleton man's bonus area

Anyway, the bonus area also has this little cube below the platform you start on. I'm sure there's, like, global level events tied to it but it'd be pretty great if it actually did something if you approached it. Unfortunately it doesn't.

The "Game not saved!" bit is pretty good too.


Going into the castle, if you turn back, it seems you cannot go back out of the castle but you will instead encounter this little peebling hanging around in the darkness.

Further into the castle, at the four-way split where you have to get the blue and green keys, there's a hole above the monkey king's fountain. It turns out you can manouver your way up there and encounter another one of these bald heads.

Ice area

Well, you can tear the snowman's head off and there's another little peeble.

You can find your way on top of the snow hut and there'll be another Haunted PlayStation logo.

Going into the snow cave, there's this obvious secret where you can get the red key and the monkey head mentioning a hole in the green area...

If you fall down onto the other low platform in that large cave area, there's a kitty cat.

The Green Area

Well, there's the little room with a lever behind the room with the giant spikes... It appears that it opens up the entrance a little later on where you can insert the red key to open the hole.

The hole leads you to a crazy Monkey Ball-esque bit. Couldn't really find secrets in this area but the "Ball Out!" is amusing.

Then the game resets so make you you had your game saved by quitting to the main menu before this point.

Back to the green area...

Near the end, if you turn around and jump down from the right side, it seems that a very long pole is attached to the giant spike from the previous room. And there's something red at the very end of that long pole... I really cannot tell what it is. A red hand, maybe?

The Castle (part 2)

This is the point where I learned that if you Boner at this character, he'll halt whatever he's saying and look offended for a few seconds.

Also, this is really interesting! Since you can skip killing the monkey king by going into the secret area above the castle, ENT_01 can end up not saying anything about Peeb killing the monkey! For some reason, the crazy rainbow patten inside the knight was missing in this instance.

The Cool Checkerboard Place

I only found one secret, but it brings you to a whole new area. Just walk right through the fence on the right side of the big open area. 

The Test Level

If you want to enter this area more than once, make sure to SAVE first, since entering this area a second time will get you stuck in there forever.

Enter the portal shown in the previous screenshot and you get into a silly "test level".

You can walk right out of the holes in this level, fling yourself around, and find another one of those white cubes hanging around below the starting point.

That's about all of the secrets I found in the levels... But finally, this also happened to the main menu at some point. It seems to happen randomly. Everything gets dark and ominous and pressing the Boner key will play a very distorted version of the sound clip.

Anyway... Thoroughly enjoyed playing this and really looking forward to the full version!! :) What have you guys encountered?

You can't just end the review without giving details! What does "does not work" mean? Why not add a screenshot?

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I love this game, even if it's still a prototype! But running it on Linux through Wine, there's one huge issue: the moment I alt-tab, the entire game locks up and I can't play any longer!

Any chance of a Linux build? I'm willing to verify if it works well! :)

This was wonderful.

Can confirm, hopefully that gets fixed!

On Linux, the preferences are saved in $HOME/.config/unity3d/Variety is Hope/VineWorlds/ and it looks like the preferences are available in plain XML in the prefs file in that directory. So you can export the registry entries as a .reg file, then open and compare both in a text editor and change the properties in the prefs XML accordingly.