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This kind of silliness is right up my alley :)

I have no clue what I just played, but it was quite a trip.

Well, that sure was something.

Cool, thanks for the clarifications and the license addition. May things go well in the future for everyone involved. :)

It's a sad day, but not an unexpected one. Releasing the source is the best thing you could have done.

Though I do have some questions:

Were all team members really on board to have the source code released? That's kind of amazing!

Secondly... "release as open source", yes, but under what license? GPL? BSD? MIT? A Creative Commons license? Or something more restrictive? If anyone decides to pick this up and finish it, what should and shouldn't they be allowed to do?

Finally, it seems there is a .gitignore file, so there has to have been a .git folder with revision history. Is there any reason that was omitted? Perhaps going back to earlier commits before refactoring might make it easier for people to cobble certain features back together into a working (or more coherent) state.

Let people search :( The only difficult one to find is the 2.

The character kinda reminds me of the store clerk in Wario Land 4 too, as well. I've always liked that design.

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This is fun, weird, bizarre, surreal, and creepy. There's no clear order to any of these events and it makes you wonder what happened in Dust's life, or indeed their whole world. The viewer is left filling in the gaps on their own.

EDIT: OH THERE'S SECRETS. That was so sweet.

The note to Linux users is very sweet, although I do have some good news there: using the app and installing the Windows version, it will very transparently Just Run with Wine without any sort of issue. If I didn't see that Windows icon and name in the zip, I might as well not have known it wasn't available natively. :)

Edit 2: this was made in AGS? There's a cross-platform version of that on Github! I think you should be able to release Linux and MacOS native versions for this!

On another note, if you want to clean up entirely, just remove the Figglewatts folder itself.

Delete "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Figglewatts\LSDR\save.dat" to reset progress.

Just a question: what's the exact license for your tilesets? Can I modify these if necessary?

Nouveau drivers tend to be hit or miss in general, so I can't really judge there. But it works well with the proprietary Nvidia drivers on my GTX 1660 Ti.

The Linux build works great, thanks!

Unfortunately Chromebooks are not full-blown Linux systems, otherwise you would just be able to run the Linux binary.

The world editing tool! I've been waiting for this. No more messing with raw JSON! :D

It's quite a fun game! The core gameplay is still what it used to be, and it's a little easier to control. I like the abundance of features to mess with, as well. The variety of things that can happen after you beat a level is fun too.

But I do have to admit that graphically, it looks like a downgrade compared to the original. Everything felt very consistently and deliberately designed in PowBall DX whereas in Renaissance, it looks very much like a phone game. The choice of font for the menus feels out of place as well.

The simplification of some things (like the removal of the money system) is understandable, as it makes the game a little more streamlined. But some elements were oversimplified, like the removal of weapons to buy in the store. Choosing what weapons to buy and how many of them was an interesting part of the original game. You might lose a cool weapon when your paddle gets destroyed and then you have to deal with it cleverly, and it also got me trying out different strategies and combinations of weapons in a level  that took some time to beat, which kept it interesting.

Sorry, this kinda turned into a rant, didn't it? :P I'm just glad you're still out there making new PowBall games!

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Powball was a big part of my childhood, but I only ever played the demo at the time. Thanks for making it available again, for free no less!

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That's okay! I was only half kidding, though it is a little sad that the game engine itself doesn't support it. But that's fine, Steam does have Proton after all, and you can have it tested and officially supported through that.

Definitely just focus on the game for now though :)

There is a special glorifying pedestal for people making Linux builds :D

Interesting little proof of concept game. I definitely think more can be done with it! :)

Awesome, I've been waiting for this. Nice work!

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Hi, for some reason, some of the downloads in the game simply do not seem to work. Double-clicking them gives me either nothing or if itś music it will show up in the player as "[unknown] - [untitled]" and simply not play.

A few of the songs I have found that do this are xneoicyx-pipipipipitsa and xneoicyx_cheeseslide, but there are more. The "You will die" page also has some non-working downloads titled "deleted", although I'm sure it's on purpose for those.

This is on the x64 Linux version. I'll update the thread when I find more, unless this is already a known bug.

Edit - more that don't work:


That makes sense. TTS is commonly set up as a daemon, so while you can run an external process, you can't just monitor when the voice is supposed to have ended (unless there's a command for that as well...). But in that case I'd like to be able to disable the robot voice altogether.

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The HypnOS BIOS always says "No text-to-speech voices found on this PC, Hypii's voice is deactivated".

Now, I have a stock Ubuntu installation and I *know* that it comes with a text-to-speech command by default called spd-say. (It's as easy to run as invoking the `spd-say text here` command.) I guess that's not supported by the game, but which ones are?

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I've seen a video of this and it looked amazing and solid. Downloading right away.

One question though: could you offer a Linux download too, please? I'm fairly sure the Windows build will work with Wine, but natively compiled versions of games tend to work a little better, especially when it comes to controller support.

Edit: yeah, gamepad support is right out when using Wine, also weird performance issues where the frame rate goes to <1 FPS occasionally for no reason :(