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Hi, for some reason, some of the downloads in the game simply do not seem to work. Double-clicking them gives me either nothing or if itś music it will show up in the player as "[unknown] - [untitled]" and simply not play.

A few of the songs I have found that do this are xneoicyx-pipipipipitsa and xneoicyx_cheeseslide, but there are more. The "You will die" page also has some non-working downloads titled "deleted", although I'm sure it's on purpose for those.

This is on the x64 Linux version. I'll update the thread when I find more, unless this is already a known bug.

Edit - more that don't work:


That makes sense. TTS is commonly set up as a daemon, so while you can run an external process, you can't just monitor when the voice is supposed to have ended (unless there's a command for that as well...). But in that case I'd like to be able to disable the robot voice altogether.

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The HypnOS BIOS always says "No text-to-speech voices found on this PC, Hypii's voice is deactivated".

Now, I have a stock Ubuntu installation and I *know* that it comes with a text-to-speech command by default called spd-say. (It's as easy to run as invoking the `spd-say text here` command.) I guess that's not supported by the game, but which ones are?

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I've seen a video of this and it looked amazing and solid. Downloading right away.

One question though: could you offer a Linux download too, please? I'm fairly sure the Windows build will work with Wine, but natively compiled versions of games tend to work a little better, especially when it comes to controller support.

Edit: yeah, gamepad support is right out when using Wine, also weird performance issues where the frame rate goes to <1 FPS occasionally for no reason :(