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Smear FX

The easiest way to animate images. · By CodeManu

If I buy it here can I run it without steam?

A topic by burntpancake created Dec 14, 2021 Views: 715 Replies: 8
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Does it require steam to run, or is it a standalone software that I can use without using steam?


It doesn't require it at all. You also get a Steam key as an extra if you buy it here on Itchio.

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Does the steam and itch version get updated together? and if I own it on steam do I get the itch version as well?


They are always updated at the same time. When buying the Itchio version you get a Steam key, but If you buy it on Steam you don't get an Itchio key.

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Another question, it says on your mini fx page "If you already have Pixel FX Designer, Juice FX or Smear FX you'll get a 100% discount when purchasing Mini FX" is there anyway for me to get a copy of this on itch since I paid for the steam versions of those programs. I can send you my receipt as well if you wish.



You messaged me through to say download SpriteMancer for free on Steam. Why is SpriteMancer only being offered for free on Steam? I don't use steam - I bought all of your apps on Will there be a free SpriteMancer version on Thanks


Yes, it will be free for previous customers on Itchio too, It was explained in the email:

"From Jan 16th to Jan 22nd you will be able to get SpriteMancer with a 100% discount on Itchio. This offer will only be available during that week, and after that SpriteMancer will cost money."

Ah, I see - Spritemancer is already launched on Steam and will become available on Itchio at a later date. Thanks for clarifying. I have dyscalculia, so the numbers mean nothing to me. :)

I am looking forward to trying the tool out! Thanks @CodeManu!