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I recognized the asset pack used in the images. I have the same ones or similar, really amazing to see you accomplish your first game boet! 

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Looking forward to the new art and future updates.

Hi, really great pack.
I just have a quick question.

I noticed there are guns and possible throwable items in the assets, are there any plans to add animations to your character to allow the use of guns (specifically animations to hold, shoot and jump, with a gun etc) and to throw items?

I think those would complement the character set well.


If I pay for the latest update, will I get all future update for free? or will continuesly have to pay for updates?

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I just have a quick question. If I donate 10 USD for this pack I get the extras for free forever right?

If that's correct, why not add the additional assets as a pay-for option at 10 USD? Making it easier for people to just straight up buy premium artwork.

I think that will be easier for everyone who really likes this pack like myself.

I just jammed this game now. Really nice.
What UI and Font assets did you use? Its really clean

I do have recommendations for this pack.
Projectiles - Missiles would be cool to have for the tanks
Destroyed sprites - buildings, tanks, and cars, etc
Additional armaments - mines, machine guns for tanks, etc 

Ahhh sweet, well you got a purchase by me!

If you update this pack and I bought it at $3.60, would I get all future updates or would I have to pay again?

Hey, I have a quick question, do you have any plans on updating these characters with additional animations? For e.g. a run and shoot animation, falling animation (falling into a large hole), role/dodge.


Really Nice!

Hi, I really like your agent mike, I just wanted to know if you possibly have other gun attachments for him? 

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Another question, it says on your mini fx page "If you already have Pixel FX Designer, Juice FX or Smear FX you'll get a 100% discount when purchasing Mini FX" is there anyway for me to get a copy of this on itch since I paid for the steam versions of those programs. I can send you my receipt as well if you wish.


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Does the steam and itch version get updated together? and if I own it on steam do I get the itch version as well?

Welldone! Thanks for creating this. I appreciate it a lot.

Thanks, man, looking forward to it when you release it. 

All the best!

I love these packs. I got all of them so far. Great work. I would like to request a few animations if possible for the main characters, please.

A push animation I think would be a great addon to the main characters.


Mooi game.

Awe, thanks bru for the update.

Ahhh, thanks for the info.

This is cool.
Quick question, how did you swap the palette so easily? Surely you didn't repaint those tiles manually. So, how did you do it

Ah. No stress, you will or my buddy will or I will 🤣. I just know someone will add it.
All the best with whatever is keeping you busy boet. Hopefully you spin up some awesome new tools for the community.

I really like your asset. I've been using it for a while now.

If possible I would like to request a feature.
Could you maybe add a search bar feature where the user could search for a method? 

For example when using this asset with a text mesh pro object, to find a method in that massive list is insane (as seen in the image). 

So I thought a method search bar would be awesome feature to have and will cut down on the number of lists you need to go to find a method tucked away somewhere.

Well, this is still a great asset. 

This is cool. I like the art and the game

No worries bro. Whenever or if ever you do decide to release the source code. I won't mind having a look at it. I use Unity myself. I just thought if the source code is available I could attempt to convert it into a unity package. 
In the meantime I'll be looking at the link you sent and this Haxe thingy.

Hey  bro, I really like the generator you made. Really top class. I would like to know if there is any chance of making this a unity package or an open source git repo for the source code so that other implementations can be made of it? 

Hey buddy, I really like this space cadet. Do you plan on making a run and shoot animation as well?

This is a legit Scriptable Object System. Loving it. I am busy making my own. Kinda more Light Weight Event Pipeline. This is more like your High Definition Event Pipeline. Well done bro.

Thanks bru. Your work is really awesome.

Bro, you are super fast. I just downloaded your previous tool. Well done thanks 👏


I actually use Unity Tilemap. Its actually quite nice.

Very nice bro, I made something similar for unity, you should check it out sometime. 

This is awesome bro. Well done. 

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I can try and uninstall python and see what happens. Then reinstall it using the default recommended installation paths. I currently have python installed like this and it may be the problem. I can check and let you know. 

Okay, so I uninstalled python as well as Tiled 1.2.1. Reinstalled Tiled and Python all at there default paths (C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36 ; C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37)
and everything worked fine. 

Okay, this is weird. So I may have reproduced the error. It has to do with the environment variables. 

Tiled 1.2.1 does not open once you have python 3.6.6 as the main Python System Path Variable. 

Tiled 1.2.1 does this weird thing 

However, if you change the System Path Variable of Python to any other version, Tiled 1.2.1 works perfectly. 

I hope this helps you. Also worth noting that I reinstalled python to C:\Python\Python366 and C:\Python\Python371 respectively. However, I doubt this causes the problem with the System Variable Paths.

I read your post on here.

No problem bro. Hope it helps.