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No payments: Seperate download page (optional)

A topic by Positive Zero created Jan 06, 2018 Views: 149 Replies: 3
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When you set the price of your game to no payments, there wont be a download button on top of your page but rather one for every single file at the bottom. With the price set to "optional donations" there is one on top.

I feel like it should be atleast optional to have a seperate download page (like the one after "No, just take me to the downloads") because with the install instructions AND the whole other text its quite a lot to scroll in some cases.


This was done to make it as simple as possible to download games where there's no payment involved, I see how having long install instructions might be annoying though. Maybe an option to roll them up?

An optional dl page would be very usefull anyway. And besides that when theres a dl button right on top on the page at the first screen it statistically boosts the amount of downloads dramatically. I see no reason why that souldnt be made available optional.