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itch.io Demographics

A topic by hp3000 created 18 days ago Views: 100 Replies: 7
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What are the demographics of registered itch.io users vs unregistered users?

Kongregate lists their demographics here: https://docs.kongregate.com/docs, so I'm looking for similar stats for itch.io. (what percentage is male vs female, age ranges, etc.)



We don't collect that information about our users. Usually that information is collected by advertising networks using tracking pixels. We don't like advertisements so it's unlikely we'll have that information available to us.

Sounds good! Thanks!


Anecdotally, I've seen very young creators on itch.io, along with people I know are older. There's also considerable diversity in terms of gender and sexual orientation. To know exact figures, you could try running a survey? Wouldn't be the first one, either, though I don't know what response rates you can expect.

@leafo AFAIK itch.io does use Google Analytics script which presumably collects/infers quite a lot of information about users. Personally I would like itch.io to be analytics-free (in addition to ads-free), but as it's already there, some statistics should be available to the website owner, isn't it?


We have demographic collection disabled on Google Analytics. Enabling it would require updating our privacy policy, so it's unlikely we'll enable it.

That's nice, thanks for clarification!

@No Time To Play That's a good idea! I think a survey would be cool!