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Ability to link custom domain to your game/app page and to your "company" (account) page.

A topic by Dariusz "Darkhog" G. Jagielski created Jan 02, 2018 Views: 409 Replies: 1
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So e.g. I can point users to (don't click, just an example) instead of and (don't click again) instead of

This would make us able to make semi-professional site with its own domain without having to pay for hosting (which only makes sense if the game is really blowing up and you're certain people will buy if it releases on Steam or somewhere else so you can afford hosting). This is really important to the poorer devs such as me who put every cent into the game they're making and can't really afford outside expenses such as hosting (domains are cheap though and if you can't save few bucks once a year for a domain, you need to sort it out).


Thanks for the suggestion. We've received this request a few times and I think it could definitely be useful, but it complicates things from a security perspective. Right now we require all pages to go through HTTPS, and if we start hosting for custom domains then we'd have to set up a system to generate certificates for the domains. With Let's Encrypt something like this is more realistic, but because of the implementation complexity it's currently not a high priority for us to add. Another option could be to force people to use a free HTTPS proxy like CloudFlare.

Additionally, third party domains create issues with third party cookies and letting accounts to be active while on the custom domain. 

For now, we've been suggesting people to set up a HTTP redirect to their page from their custom domain.