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Who Do You Think You Are | Windows | Demo Available Now!

A topic by Grim ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ Curio created Mar 08, 2016 Views: 580 Replies: 3
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Whose house is this?
Whose night keeps out the light
In here?

โ€” Toni Morrison, Home

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE is an upcoming exploration-driven RPG Maker game
with an emphasis on atmosphere and flavortext. You can download the demo here!
(It's free! In fact, WDYTYA will be a non-commercial game.)

Is it brave or foolish to seek out an intruder in one's own home? Is it one's right, or one's downfall?

Negotiate a stormy night and navigate a darkened manse in pursuit of order. Examine everything in your path, and restore what you can. Every curious detail is relevant, and it will serve you best to pay close attention. Discover what you can about the house and its legacy as you pass through its dust-choked thresholds.

hi there! i go by katana online, and i'm a writer who really enjoys interactive fiction. i've dabbled and experimented in a lot of game-making software before without ever completing anything, but this january, i participated in #myfirstgamejam and the WDYTYA demo was the result! since then, i've been participating in more jams and learning new skills, and i've decided to try to make WDYTYA into a full game!

you can view its original jam devlog for the nitty gritty of me fumbling my way through creating the demo, but i'll condense it here for the sake of brevity (though i'm sorry if this post still winds up text-heavy!). during the jam, i:

  • found and imported most of the assets i'd be needing
  • began work on the player character sprite
  • laid out 10+ maps
  • planned about 70% of the story
  • plus about ~50-60% of items, events, etc

from 1/1 to 1/16 i worked on this project for the sake of 1). making a game where flavortext is paramount, and 2). learning new eventing tactics, scripts, and effects in rpgmaker vx ace. it was an incredibly fun experience, i got some lovely feedback and encouragement, and i found myself attached to the concept enough that i wanted to see it through to something larger!

as a game, wdytya is pretty straightforward with simple gameplay -- you walk around, you examine everything, maybe something awful happens. it's influenced by the rpgmaker horror genre for sure -- ao oni, yume nikki, ib, etc -- but not really directly inspired by anything. thus far, i'm reluctant to label it a horror game right off the bat, but i'm definitely pleased that it's hitting the Unsettling mark and making players apprehensive!

there's still A LOT left to do. i don't have a strict work timeline plotted out at the moment because i'm a full-time student pursuing a double major and a lot of other creative work (someday i may post about the visual novel i'm working on?) -- but i'd at least like to start posting weekly progress updates in this thread! expect a lot of concept art, screenshots, gameplay gifs, and general rambling.

where things are now: i have the story essentially 100% plotted out and am starting to focus primarily on more mapping, eventing, script implementation, and improving flavortext. i'm super open to any thoughts about the current build, gameplay or concept-wise, so please feel free to comment here or contact me about anything!

thanks so much for checking out Who Do You Think You Are! if you're interested in the development of my other work, feel free to follow my game junk twitter at @RicassoFiction!

best of luck to everyone else working on their games -- this forum is awesome and all these threads are seriously cool and inspiring!

update 1:

wdytya has a tentative logo!

in other news: although i'd love to make wdytya available to mac users, i have no idea how to do this at the moment. (does anyone know of any feasible conversion tricks for rpgmaker games?) luckily, the very kind Jeanette from the show New Low Score did a full LP of the demo, and Jupiter Hadley featured wdytya briefly in her quest to play all the #myfirstgamejam entries! for those interested in playing but unable to, check out NLS's playthrough:

a few notes from me on some of the things that came up in the video:

  • the length of the piano clip isn't actually a glitch; it's just bad judgment lol. the jam deadline was nearing and i was too lazy to cleanly chop up the audio, but this will be fixed (aka made much shorter) in the next build!
  • also due to time constraints, i couldn't finish the flavortext for every portrait in the main hall because they're all meant to be unique, and that is a Lot of text + worldbuilding. but look forward to learning more about the portraits in the future!
  • the bedroom desk flavortext is not an error. you might see something like it again, in factโ€ฆ
  • to those of you who have already played or are planning to play: try drinking the nasty ass tea multiple times! it's my favorite silly uncalled-for easter egg.

anyway, please enjoy the video!! NLS is a really charming show and i'm honored by the feature! โ™ฅ

also, here's a bit of recent (and rough) concept art:

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update 2:

whew, sorry for taking longer to update than i promised! it's been a busy couple of weeks between exams, work, and travel, but i have a bit of progress to show despite that. not much actually warrants screenshots, but i do have more concept art (above!) and a preview of some items:

there are way more than 10 items in the game, but i can't show much more than this if i don't want to spoil things. a few items will need custom icons, which i'm hoping to get started on soon and finish quickly. i've also been correcting some existing maps (layout and passability), and planning out more events. soon i'll be back to actually implementing new maps and events. there are around 10 maps of various sizes left (for a total of ~30) before the whole setting is good to go.

something i really need to try is parallax mapping. for now, i'll throw down my basic maps before worrying about tons of detail and lighting effects and such. once the actual environment is blocked out, i can really get cracking on events and progression again. i'm excited!

also, if you'd like to, you can follow @RicassoFiction on twitter for updates about WDYTYA, #CryoseismVN, and other projects! i post bits of WIP junk, screenshots, and progress notes there, though obviously what you'll find in this thread is more comprehensive and polished.

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sorry about the radio silence for the last few weeks! it's term paper season and i'm focusing on academic work at the moment, so i'm calling a brief official hiatus from now until the 25th of may! by the beginning of june, i should have plenty of new things to post to get the ball rolling, but until then, you can still keep up with me on twitter @RicassoFiction, as always. thanks for sticking around -- i appreciate every view and every download!