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Kitchen Set Icon Asset Game Use

A topic by PrayingMantis created Dec 26, 2017 Views: 114 Replies: 2
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Kitchen Set Icon for Asset Game Use

Contains 700x700 .png format Kitchen Set Asset game. There are fridge, stove, kitchen sink, window, painting, and other useless scrap. It's a joke of course. This is all my creation and you can use it to your contribute games. Enjoy :)

You can purchase these asset or getting these asset for free by visiting my patreon

If you download this for free by visiting my patreon, You're welcome if you give me credits for your contribute game.

Credits by PrayingMantis



Please make sure to post a direct link to your project page in your original topic so it displays in the topic listing, otherwise we'll have to close your topic. Thanks

Okay thanks