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clone drone game not downloading onto computer

A topic by Danielhdz created Dec 25, 2017 Views: 80 Replies: 3
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hello i am using a HP chrome OS laptop and when i try to download the game clone drone by windows it says that my PC is not compatible with windows software rather my PC is for chrome OS

I am able to play on my other HP laptop that has windows software but I would also like to play on the chrome OS


That won't be easy. Chrome OS is based on Linux, and many Chrome OS laptops have an ARM CPU, meaning they are more closely related to a smartphone than a PC. Even if you do have the right kind of Chrome OS laptop, there's a fairly complex procedure to follow before you can run ordinary Linux software, never mind Windows software. Briefly put, you might be out of luck. What model do you have, exactly?


HP chromebook OS that has "intel" thing. The game isnt for me but for my brother and after some time I decided to let him use my HP windows laptop to play clone drone since I dont use my laptop to play games anymore, thank you though for the linux software information. That helped me learn more about the chromebook. I wont be working to go into another software(linux) anytime soon but thank you anyways


Chromebooks can not play games for Windows. Chromebooks only support HTML5 games.