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Dawn of the Tyrant – An RPG with a socially curated story (DevLog)

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Dawn of the Tyrant (PC & Mac)

Dawn of the Tyrant is a revolutionary chapter-based RPG that places the fate of an entire planet and the course of the unfolding storyline firmly into the hands of the players.

Discover a dark, chaotic world on the precipice of imminent destruction and take part in sculpting its fate in a game where the choices and actions of each and every player contribute to the outcome of this epic duel of wills.

When you and your faction participate in World Quests, you are writing the future. The story of each chapter in the series will be curated based on the outcome of these massive shared objectives.

What you choose and what you do truly matters – it could be enough to alter the fate of a dying world. So rise to the challenge and fight, before the raging fire consumes us all.

Game screenshot (Alpha)

- - - - -

Hi, and thank you for coming by to have a look at our in-development title, Dawn of the Tyrant. We’re very new to and are finding it a fantastic place for many game developers, including us, and we're really excited to be taking the first step in bringing our forthcoming game to the platform. We’ll be sharing regular dev progress updates on this thread and eagerly look forward to hearing what you think of our project.

Concept Artwork – Credit: Tugsbayar Jamts

A little history… and where we are now

The Dawn of the Tyrant project has been rather a labour of love for quite a few years now. It has undergone an evolution from early dabbling in the Unity game engine, to a hobby project, to a serious project with financial investment plus a lot of hours of hard work by us and a number of others who’ve contributed along the way.

We exhibited a playable alpha at PAX Australia in Melbourne some time ago, and that gave us two useful perspectives. One: that we had an audience who were genuinely interested in what we were doing; and Two: that we still had quite a lot of work to do before we would by ready to release the first Chapter. So, that’s what we’ve been working on ever since.

We now have a solid foundation for the game: both in the feature-rich game client, and a completely rebuilt server that is capable of powering the social interactions behind World Quests – our biggest, and most defining feature. Much of the work that will come next is about region design and content creation. We're getting closer and we're expecting 2018 to be a big one for us.

Game screenshot (Alpha)

- - - - -

If you have any comments or questions about the game, we'd love for you to get in touch with us in the thread below.

Thanks again for checking us out!

– Sándor & Anj

Concept Artwork – Credit: Tugsbayar Jamts

Wow, this look like really nice ! The Concept Art is just beautiful ;) Good luck for your goals

Thanks for your positive feedback @Eien! We've been fortunate to have worked with some very talented artists. :)

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We couldn't physically be at PAX South this year but we were certainly there in spirit.

PAX has been a huge part of our creation journey, from walking wide-eyed through the Indie Showcase one year to the debut of Dawn of the Tyrant at PAX Melbourne another year later. The community of gamers that PAX brings together each time is something unique and special, so while we were some 13,518 km away we wanted to share in the fun just a little.

How better to celebrate PAX than to have showcased some of the latest highlights from our development of Dawn of the Tyrant. So that's what we did, with three exclusive reveals in three days – one for each day of PAX.


The first of the reveals was the huge new NPC character model for the Ghorghant, one of the most deadly beings that players will encounter in Chapter I. Vast and bloated, the Ghorghant is a leprous behemoth of prodigious strength and resilience, a mephitic horror from the Void that hungers for the taste of fear and death. Unlike the mindless Horrors that haunt the lands of the North, the Ghorghants are Lords over the demonic hordes. They are brutal creatures of sinister intelligence driven by a single purpose: to seek out life and destroy it. Other Horrors are drawn to their dark will like moths to a black flame.

See more of the Ghorghant here:


Saturday’s reveal was a double reveal. With two playable races in Chapter I, there was no doing things by halves. We showcased two of the proud Warrior Orders featured in Dawn of the Tyrant, one for each of the two main factions.

See both of these Warrior Orders here:


The final reveal on Sunday took us way back to the end of the War in Heaven, with an exclusive story excerpt and a never been seen before foray into graphic novel style artwork. Of all the twists and turn of the lore, stretching over millennia, this is one off the most poignant excerpts. It is a passage that begins with death and destruction on a immense scale. Yet it ends with rebirth and the creation of something new. For it is the story of how the Kheïtanni came to be.

Read "The Fall of the Násr" here:


Looks really nice, is that game for online game?

Hi @ZheroIsland, thanks for the comment!

Dawn of the Tyrant is not an MMO, but does have online and social elements. This also means that the game does require an internet connection to play at all times.

The biggest online and social feature is World Quests. These are huge community driven goals that require the efforts of many players to accomplish. Even more importantly, World Quests have the power to alter the storyline of the game – from one Chapter to the next. This is the main feature that requires an internet connection – it means that when you play, your efforts are being contributed to your faction via our servers.

Honour is another social feature. This allows players to thank and acknowledge each other for driving the goals of their faction forward and helping to complete World Quests. To explain it simply, Honour is a little bit similar to a 'Like' on Facebook or another social platform. The more Honour you get for your achievements, the more Honour Points you gain to upgrade and enhance your character.

Lastly, we have actually talked quite a bit about doing real time multiplayer. We'd love to do something like 8 vs. 8 Warband PvP battles as part of a special World Quest. This is very much a future goal however, and I doubt it will make it into the first couple of Chapters. But the best part of Chapters – we think – is that we can constantly improve the game from one release to the next. Warband PvP may well be one of those iterative improvements!

Thanks again for your interest and question!