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Bundle not showing up in "All bundles"

A topic by SpaceTruckerGames created Dec 21, 2017 Views: 99 Replies: 2
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So I made a bundle, it's active but does not appear in the bundle section.
Is that section curated?

The bundle section says:
"Check out some of the bundles that are currently available on"
and then there's "Featured bundles"
and then there's "All bundles"
so, is it "all" or "some"? should all bundles show up there or should it read "Some other bundles"?


Can you send me a link to the bundle so I can check it?

It looks like there's no pagination on that page and since there are so many bundles going on some are getting cropped out. That's a mistake on our end.

sure! here it is: