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A topic by averageavacado created Dec 17, 2017 Views: 171 Replies: 2
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Proud to announce that after a long development period, 1998 is now available to download on!


As Audrey enters her year of high school, she swirls into a crisis as she realizes that her bitterness and contempt has prevented her from having an enjoyable childhood, and there‚Äôs not much of it left to fix that. Her cynical outlook starts to change, however, when she meets Jun, a boy who just moved into her town. 


  • Completely original soundtrack
  • Original art and assets
  • 3 different endings
  • Lots of flowers


"Flower Shop" and "Mei Noodle Theme" by Ryan Breen 
"Wings," "Monochrome," "Monochrome (Reprise)," "Chance Encounter," and "White Dandelion" by averageavacado 
All art and assets by averageavacado 
Playthrough videos and walkthroughs are permitted (and encouraged!) if game credit is given to averageavacado. 


You can find the game page here!


Congratulations on the launch. I've put it up on the homepage.

Thank you so much!!