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I Want Out!

A topic by i_want_out created Dec 17, 2017 Views: 269 Replies: 5
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I present you my first ever game : I Want Out!

A kid is trapped in this mysterious place and wants to get out. Will you help him?

I Want Out! is a retro pixel art point and click adventure game, using  a 9-verb-interface like some 80's and 90's titles. But it's also a modern game with state of the art effects! :-P

It's a short game that should require about one hour of gameplay.

Story :

The kid is trapped... Why? He doesn't even know... so you've got to find him a way to get out. Along the way, you may find the explanation for all this.

Gameplay :

To find an exit,  you have to make him explore the environment and interact with it.

Some items can be picked up, kept in your inventory and then be used later. You can then use them on another item, on an object in the room or on the kid himself.

How to play :

left mouse click : walk / choose an action / perform the choosen action
right mouse click : look at items
mouse wheel : scroll up or down in the inventory

(You'll find keyboard shortcuts in the help menu.)

The game is available in English and in French.

If the game seems a bit slow on your system, look at the Troubleshooting guide...

Game page : here !


This looks great! I've featured it on the homepage. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, leafo!

Nice game, clever puzzles but I'm already stuck. A guide would be nice.

Thanks :)

It's planned. I'll upload a walkthrough some day next week.

Nice! It's a bad time to not knowing how to swim...