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What's the deal with Screenshots?

A topic by Cubeeo created Dec 14, 2017 Views: 827 Replies: 2
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I posted a game 9-10 days ago (whenever) for LD40.  It was the first thing I ever posted on here.  (It was very smooth process, btw - good job itch.)  Hadn't really dove deep into the page site until today, when I realized that the one screenshot I have uploaded (apart from the cover image) does not display.  Do screenshots also need to be in the same size as cover images?  Is that the reason?  If not, why can't I see my screenshot anywhere?  Thanks.

(I'm also asking because I was starting to set-up a new project page, in preparation for a new project upload in the next few days, and I have screenshots...)


That's because with web games screenshots are hidden by default on the game page (and only shown when hovering over the game in a listing or search). But now there's an option in the theme customizer to always show them. You might want to look into that anyway.

Ok, thanks.  Found it, learned it, hopefully won't forget it.

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