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Survive The Day

A topic by Lou Bagel created Dec 14, 2017 Views: 273 Replies: 2
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Working on level 2 of my project and just created an Itch page (no project uploaded yet).

In short, Survive The Day is a game about working in an office and surviving the silly things that got on my nerves when I worked in one.

Level 2 Intro Trailer:

Level 2 is about Nate bringing donuts to work and all the co-workers taking them without him getting one.  The catch is, someone took two!  So Nate will have to track down some clues to solve the caper of the Double Donut Eater...

Itch Page


Looks pretty good, I like your pixel art. looking forward to see where this goes.

Thanks!  I am working on uploading Level to Itch right now.  

I have it uploaded on my website now:  ...just have to export it and make sure it will work here.