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Lou Bagel

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Interesting little game.  The beep was driving me mad though!

Did you go really slow though?  I couldn't get that to work for me lol :)

Got a score of 1480.  Was going to comment that it could use a score or wave number to kind of track how well you did.  Then I died and saw it.

Love the tetris kind of mechanic on building your base.  Really cool. 

Hey Barmizzle, thanks for the comments!

I think Pixel Shorts replied to you on the LD site but I think you clicked on the tutorial mode that 2nd time.  You can't die there, it is more of just practice mode as almost same as regular (Explanation on that).  The way to get out of tutorial mode is to use a portal, which is an important mechanic but may be hard to discover on one's own (we wanted to guide the player towards that better but ran out of time).

We didn't add Scowsh, our music and sfx team mate, to the project until the last day.  So he only had hours to work with.  He does a great job and could have done more if he wasn't doing a different game jam on Saturday and Sunday!

This game is difficult (I can't kill the egg guys without trapping myself) and a bit tedious to travel—but I this is definitely the bets LD42 game I've played so far, and best of any game I've played recently!  Love the vibe, kind of gives me that weird Earthbound vibe.

Great game...except I can only take so much baby wailing!  :)

Thanks! I hope people heed your recommendation! :)

Played on Chrome browser.  Just played again quickly and noticed speed changes starting at level 2

Yeah I hear you.  I struggled with that because I wanted the camera stationary and it to be a square to fit into my arcade (https://www.loubagel.com/arcade/).  My other game is 360x360 so at least gets larger full screen.  I'm considering making a 16:9 version for computer and for mobile, may be fun to create some more levels.

I like the game, but is it frame-rate dependent?  Mine kept slowing down and speeding up sporadically.  Kind of made it difficult to judge timing that way.

hahaha that's why I created it!  To vent my frustrations!

...I love coffee enough I could probably do another game about coffee :P

Thanks, but coffee is the true inspiration :)

COFFEE JAM community · Created a new topic Just made one...

I just got done with a game jam and my game was about getting coffee, lol

Definitely shouldn't have an attack option available until you move then.  I gave up the first attempt then saw this and went back.  Got some tanks moving and attacking but then it started giving me moving options that didn't make any sense.  Tough game to get right for a game jam.

Really cool mechanic!  Would love to play a few more levels with increasingly complex puzzles.  Nice work!

At first I was going to say it was really frustrating that there are a lot of situations where you couldn't get the first hit on the enemy.  Then I started over and realized I missed the shift button to turn, but it was also not working on Chrome so went to Firefox.  Then I got through the game!

Enjoyed the strategy of the mechanic!  One tip is that I didn't notice all the instructions at the beginning.  My fault, but still, it made a huge difference when I started over and saw all of that, and I'm sure I won't be the last.  If you are able to teach the player as they play it can make sure everyone doesn't miss out on something critical.  But game jam so can't be too picky.

Enjoyed it, thanks!

Thanks!  I've been trying to keep it simple...because when I don't I never finish! lol

Dave is a Pac Man style arcade game with my take on it.  

Collect all the coffee beans and get to the coffee maker without getting stopped by Chatty Cathy (who will talk your ear off).


Game play gif:

Quick Trailer

If you have ever needed to avoid talkative co-workers then this is the game for you!


Oh yeah, forgot about the 10 color thing!  I could pick them out fine, was just mentioning more for future reference type of thing.

lol what kind of strange feeling?

Enjoyed the dialogue, made me chuckle :)

A couple of quick things:

  • Text was really slow, dragged the speed of the game way down
  • Watch out for colors on foreground vs background.  Brown enemy with brown background usually isn't good.  But wasn't too bad here.

...I'm glad you could still duck while text was playing...gave me something to do, ha

Same here, text could be sped up a lot

I found it a bit hard to tell between platforms and background. Specifically, I kept thinking those pillars were platforms you could jump on.

Interesting mechanic.  Surprised I could move so fast without falling over, ha

I really enjoyed the gameplay mechanic and the puzzles to solve with it.  Very creative!

The boss was a little rough!  As in figuring out what to do and having to beat the level before it again each time.  But in the end it was fulfilling to finally beat him and enjoyed just 'hangin out' off the ledge to figure out the timing, ha!

The mechanic took a bit to figure out though.  Just not sure if when releasing I should be holding the opposite direction, let go right before, or let go and start moving forward.  So found it a bit un-intuitive at first but once I got it down I really enjoyed it!


Relentless is a good word, haha.  I tried several variations of the AI between completely random and this first attempt at the AI which is ultra-relentless, ha: https://www.loubagel.com/archives/misc/dave-export-0.3/

Thank you!  I started doing the 1 bit color scheme as an experiment, almost a joke, but it has grown on me a lot!

Thank you! I've been trying to keep it very simple and focus on polish and bug-free!

Thank you! 

Yes, I really don't want that moving camera.  I think it will make it harder and also just kind of annoying—not the same feel.  If there is a max height and I knew what it was I might consider chopping off a tile or two and re-designing the levels.  I kind of have the same issue for mobile as 720px by 720px of course won't fit in a mobile.  The graphics don't look great when not crisp/pixel perfect.  Plus lots of valuable wasted space on mobile.

I'll keep your game jam in mind but I have some other stuff I need to get done now and I'm exhausted from this jam.

The look of it reminds me of Five Nights at Freddys

Wasn't flawless but pretty cool and fun! Good job! Ending made me smile.



My wife doesn't check my closet so I can get away with hiding stuff there!

...although I spend way longer than 3 minutes and I never get a perfect score  :(

Whew, now I won't lose anymore sleep over this! Thanks!  :)

No problem!  I think it is a very cool idea and cute art & pet

Really cool.  Almost got bored and quit early from being repetitive, but then bought the first line upgrade and had fun exploring.  A couple of things:

Do the fish not respawn?  I upgraded my engine and bag and then couldn't find enough fish to upgrade my line further.  Would have spent my money differently and wasn't as much fun trying to find every single fish in the ocean.

Would be cool if there was a "town" or something.  Maybe like Harvest Moon where you try to catch as many fish as you can for the day then go into town and interact with people.  Something to break up the endless fishing would be good I think.

That was amazing.  I got obsessed until I got a perfect score...almost want to make a guide to help others lol

...still don't know what goes in the closet though???