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Controllers are something like this.  Not the same brand but exactly the same otherwise.

Hey I couldn't get past learning the first combo move - ether L KL or J KJ - as I tried multiple things - different timing, pressing KL both at same time - and there was no feedback on what I was doing wrong.

Also, my gamepad did not register so had to use keyboard.  It is a random off-brand gamepad but usually don't have any issues with it.

Very difficult! 

I didn't realize you could throw the fish at first. If it was a longer game (also not a jam) I would advise ramping up a bit more gradually - for example the fish force field level doesn't really need the lasers to teach the player to throw the fish. It would still be puzzling at first without them, just less stressful.

Thank you!  I am leaning towards buying one of the bundles on sale, I wish that Smear FX was included in one!

Juice FX community · Created a new topic Import/Export FAQ

I just stumbled across this (as well as your other tools) and am very interested!  I apologize if I missed a link to a website or somewhere else with FAQ or a demo/trial, but I have two questions right off the bat:

What are the import/export options?

I think I saw a comment that said the imports have to be in spritesheets.  Are the export in (png) spritesheets as well?

-- related info: that would work for me as I use aseprite and export png spritesheets which I import those into my game engine (Construct 3). After I finish my current project (as I don't think this would match current style) I want to look into all your tools and try some out.

Hey, I like the art and idea.

I had some issues with collision/ref boxes, where it made it really difficult to move around. Especially around the fire pit, where you spend most of your time.  It kind of ruins the experience and fun getting stuck on invisible stuff.

Should be a simple fix though, right?!   :fingers-crossed:

Really great game! I'm gonna leave just a bit of feedback in comments on your Ludum page

Thank you! I didn't get time to make balanced levels so it was a fish massacre for everyone, ha! 

This is an awesome submission!  Love the game and the vibe from the art and music.  

Just wish his head (or hit box) was slightly smaller.  That would help balance the fun vs frustration for more casual players.  Specifically, some levels where you needed to exit the same entrance it was razor thin margin for error.

Beat it, but died 98 times.

Just wanted to comment before playing:

The art looks great and the face on the meters/stat bars cracks me up!

Hey there!

Sorry for the unsolicited feedback - just the indie dev in me!

Enjoyed playing the game, made a little video for fun.

Good work!

I have also encountered this bug . . . as I was tempted to see for myself after reading these comments

Stay healthy!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!  ...or just people from U.S.

Had a lil fun this morning creating some 1 bit, pixel art, fireworks: 

Good for a 10 second or couple of minutes playtime.

Don't judge my life...

I used this asset pack to do a little "free time" gamedev.  Uploaded uncut/unedited video: 

Thank you!

I have no clue how to make money!

I had no clue you could move until wave 4, haha, cool little game!

Dear Valued Customer Nathan,

We apologize you didn't receive your goldfish you ordered.  We did send it out standard shipping which should have taken 3 days.  But unfortunately the goldfish died due to being in a package for 3 days and not being fed.  We will go back to the drawing board to re-think this poorly thought out business model!

Jk!  The goldfish didn't arrive because Dave didn't actually order it—when you clicked purchase Dave actually noticed his wife was getting impatient and said "I better get off the computer now."  Glad this happened as now I know I need to make it more clear.  (as well as some other issues or intuitive things  I noticed)

Thanks so much for playing and uploading the video!  I really enjoy your enthusiasm and you had me cracking up the whole time!  Will definitely check out your other videos...but for now I need to get some sleep! Thanks again!


Just released the Demo today!  Play in-browser at

Dave-Man is a game by Lou Bagel with music by Scowsh. You play as Dave who desperately needs his coffee before interacting with any co-workers. With Pac-Man inspired gameplay you must collect all the coffee beans and make it to the coffee maker without getting caught by the office “Chatty Cathy”. Your success in this mission will affect your mood and productivity during the day which will determine your paycheck. Take your money home and do some online shopping however you please...but don’t neglect the missus!

Also launched a small Kickstarter today!  You can get the game for $1 but can also get other cool rewards like being in the game as a character!

Kickstarter Link:

oh my, that is genius!

Where is the soccer ball?!

Nice game!

Love this little game.  Art is great.

The Island community · Created a new topic Nice Start

Hey, I know this is old but just tried the demo.  I really like the idea of the game but is a bit hard—hard to figure out what items should be prioritized and what to build and died pretty much every night.  Know it was a game jam but think it could be a great game if the difficulty ramped up a bit more slowly and some buildings explained.

Don't worry, I felt accomplished when I got up there...I was just trying to get the huge cross to light up like the small ones :)

Fun game.  I kind of like the mystery of not knowing which direction to this the ending though?

Promising at first but ran into a bunch of bugs.  Was getting damaged (I think) when no one was around and then got forced around and off the map and couldn't get back on.

Love the style but is there a game?  Or just a story?  Just want to make sure I'm not missing something.

Hi Weareroad,

I've made some small games inspired from classic arcade games and people complained about some of the elements of nostalgia I added...but I kept them in! So I totally get the staying true to the original.

I usually don't mind reading, but tried to read these twice and never made it through, lol.  

If you did want to incorporate them into the game you could do something like the following with the prompts for each level:

Level 1: Find the key to progress

Level 2: Avoid the yellow mummy (while finding the key of course)

Level 3: Unearth treasure along with the key

Level 4: Beware of unearthing the blue mummy!

etc etc, in whatever order most logical for you, but that way they learn a new mechanic every level.  Just an idea though!

Best of luck!

—Lou Bagel, Bagel Industries Inc.

Yeah, I enjoyed it once I got the hang of it!  I don't mind a little trial and error but sometimes I wonder if I am missing something—or making the best choices!

Nice little game.  The having the A/B prompts when the buttons are really K/L is a bit confusing to start and ended up destroying a few items figuring things out.  Also, one time didn't get a sword for a while and another got a ton and didn't know if there is any purpose of collecting more than one.

Hello there,

Friendly advice here:  The instructions are way too long.  A large amount of players won't even click on instructions before playing. 

Best to try and incorporate instructions into the game play if possible.

Also, once you unearth the blue guy it seems impossible to shake him off your tail.  Some element of game play that allows you to lose him would be good.

Game ramps up in difficulty pretty quickly. Love the art but is hard to tell if certain things are decoration or actually do something.  If difficulty increased a bit more gradually would allow player some leeway to explore and test things out.

Interesting little game.  The beep was driving me mad though!