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..surprised it came up under dark humor. Do you think it is dark humor? Should I go darker?? haha

I totally understand that - both not having enough time to do what you want, ha, and the pixel font consistency. One game I had to make the smallest pixel font possible that is still readable, which I believe is 5x5, for the same issue. There are multiple things you can do, but it feels like a no win situation cuz each solution has a downside.

Glad you found the feedback helpful! It is really well done, and even more so impressive that it was done in 48 hours!

Hey, my comment on the game jam page, I just mean that all the UI screens take up a lot of the gameplay space, example:

I knew that you could close all of them, and I would close the left one, but then after I build something I would usually open it back up to decide what to build next.

So I was trying to describe something like this:

Basically a smaller version so you could see more, but still get the info you need.

But I was also saying you could use icons, which could be easier to read at a glance and take up less space. Here is an example from aoe2 of what I'm thinking of:

hehe :)

Nice, I played a bit of the squirrel one. I like that one too!

Not my original intention when playing your games and leaving comment, but now that I see it looks like a lot of your profile is puzzle type games - I was just thinking about if I could turn my jam game into a puzzle game - like only so many moves  to serve all the customers or something. I dunno tho. If you have a chance to play it, let me know what you think, as I haven't made puzzle games before.

Great game! Have  you made puzzle games before? 

I like how the puzzles weren't too hard but also not really obvious when you first look at a new level. You kind of have to play through it (actually or in your head) to see which way to approach it. Well done.

This is great!  Would love some more levels because it feels like it ends once you learn the mechanics. Each level doesn't need a new mechanic; additional levels can be different puzzles to solve using these existing mechanics.

But you said you could beat my game!!!

Did you read the disclaimer about Level 4 on the opening screen??? haha

Yeah I haven't been able to beat it - I just ran out of time and thought it would be fun to upload as-is. Thanks for playing!

Hey! Give it a try and let me know!


Thanks dude!

Just recently??? This is 5 years old! lol and thanks!

Oof, this was a grind!

I thought level 20 was the end boss!

Really great game though! Been addicted to it the past couple of days. Took a time or two to really understand the basics but then got hooked on trying to find the best strategy (such as only a few dice, like above).

Shocked that some people are complaining about balance and such. This is a game jam game, no? Wouldn't pay them any attention. The chance events can be rough but anyone that have played games like FTL understand that the randomness is what keeps it from having one set strategy.

Love it!


These look amazing!

I did not jam in the not jam :(

oooo big Pert Daddy is down to jam!

...I mean NOT jam!

Beer NOT Jam community · Created a new topic Happy Hour

Hey people. What's up?

Thanks! It is really hard to get everything, or anything, into 60 seconds.  And sometimes I forgot to switch it over to a 60 second video and didn't realize I was trying to fit everything into 15 seconds, lol

Great looking asset pack! Just used it in a TikTok:

Never thought I'd say that lol, but doing a game dev intro tutorial series on there. So should be around for all the remaining ones, too.

Controllers are something like this.  Not the same brand but exactly the same otherwise.

Hey I couldn't get past learning the first combo move - ether L KL or J KJ - as I tried multiple things - different timing, pressing KL both at same time - and there was no feedback on what I was doing wrong.

Also, my gamepad did not register so had to use keyboard.  It is a random off-brand gamepad but usually don't have any issues with it.

Very difficult! 

I didn't realize you could throw the fish at first. If it was a longer game (also not a jam) I would advise ramping up a bit more gradually - for example the fish force field level doesn't really need the lasers to teach the player to throw the fish. It would still be puzzling at first without them, just less stressful.

Thank you!  I am leaning towards buying one of the bundles on sale, I wish that Smear FX was included in one!

Juice FX community · Created a new topic Import/Export FAQ

I just stumbled across this (as well as your other tools) and am very interested!  I apologize if I missed a link to a website or somewhere else with FAQ or a demo/trial, but I have two questions right off the bat:

What are the import/export options?

I think I saw a comment that said the imports have to be in spritesheets.  Are the export in (png) spritesheets as well?

-- related info: that would work for me as I use aseprite and export png spritesheets which I import those into my game engine (Construct 3). After I finish my current project (as I don't think this would match current style) I want to look into all your tools and try some out.

Hey, I like the art and idea.

I had some issues with collision/ref boxes, where it made it really difficult to move around. Especially around the fire pit, where you spend most of your time.  It kind of ruins the experience and fun getting stuck on invisible stuff.

Should be a simple fix though, right?!   :fingers-crossed:

Really great game! I'm gonna leave just a bit of feedback in comments on your Ludum page

Thank you! I didn't get time to make balanced levels so it was a fish massacre for everyone, ha! 

This is an awesome submission!  Love the game and the vibe from the art and music.  

Just wish his head (or hit box) was slightly smaller.  That would help balance the fun vs frustration for more casual players.  Specifically, some levels where you needed to exit the same entrance it was razor thin margin for error.

Beat it, but died 98 times.

Just wanted to comment before playing:

The art looks great and the face on the meters/stat bars cracks me up!

Hey there!

Sorry for the unsolicited feedback - just the indie dev in me!

Enjoyed playing the game, made a little video for fun.

Good work!

I have also encountered this bug . . . as I was tempted to see for myself after reading these comments

Stay healthy!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!  ...or just people from U.S.

Had a lil fun this morning creating some 1 bit, pixel art, fireworks: 

Good for a 10 second or couple of minutes playtime.

Don't judge my life...

I used this asset pack to do a little "free time" gamedev.  Uploaded uncut/unedited video: 

Thank you!

I have no clue how to make money!