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Lou Bagel

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My wife doesn't check my closet so I can get away with hiding stuff there!

...although I spend way longer than 3 minutes and I never get a perfect score  :(

Whew, now I won't lose anymore sleep over this! Thanks!  :)

Replied to Rilem in Bob&Dob comments

No problem!  I think it is a very cool idea and cute art & pet

Really cool.  Almost got bored and quit early from being repetitive, but then bought the first line upgrade and had fun exploring.  A couple of things:

Do the fish not respawn?  I upgraded my engine and bag and then couldn't find enough fish to upgrade my line further.  Would have spent my money differently and wasn't as much fun trying to find every single fish in the ocean.

Would be cool if there was a "town" or something.  Maybe like Harvest Moon where you try to catch as many fish as you can for the day then go into town and interact with people.  Something to break up the endless fishing would be good I think.

That was amazing.  I got obsessed until I got a perfect score...almost want to make a guide to help others lol

...still don't know what goes in the closet though???

You crazy. Great game.

Really cool game. I had lots of issues with jumping not being responsive.  Couldn't figure out any patterns on when it wouldn't let me jump so had to avoid running and jumping just to avoid the risk of it not letting me jump and fall to my death.

I got pretty far (I think—to the screenshot in the middle on the right) but eventually got frustrated from deaths from jump button not working.

Love the art of this game but maybe lacks a bit of story?  I feel like I am just killing innocent sea creatures :P

Awww, someone downvoted it.  It wasn't clear it was a joke?

The game looks cool.  I was annoyed there wasn't an easy to find link in the article though.

Lou Bagel's Waffle Bar

Feed them or be eaten!

Play Free in browser: https://loubagel.itch.io/lou-bagel-waffle-bar


Inspired by classic arcade game "Tapper" from 1983, where you serve "Root" Beer to thirsty customers, Lou Bagel's Waffle Bar came from a Game Jam with the theme of "Waffle".

You play as Lou Bagel, who we all know is a sentient bagel, who tries to prevent customers from eating him by serving them delicious waffles.  Not only do you need to feed them before they reach the end of the bar, but you have to cook those waffles to perfection.  As we all know, seconds can make the difference between a gooey and burnt waffle, customers will reject waffles that aren't cooked properly and tip differently depending on how you cook them!

Each customer type has unique properties, such as Gerry the Giraffe prefers his waffles a bit overcooked (and will tip more), the karate guy will fling burnt waffles back at you, the cave monster guzzles the entire bottle of syrup, and the cacti couple are just those great easy to please customers—they will even accept a burnt waffle!

Use your tip money to purchase upgrades between levels to manage those hungry customers and stay alive!

Lou Bagel's Waffle Bar

Where Breakfast is Life or Death!


We pay $9.99 and only get to play it for a minute?

Yeah, understandable that time ran out.  You have a great start to something though!

I really like the art and music here!  I was a bit confused what was going on at first.  I didn't read the "tower defense" part, my fault, but didn't know the turrets were on my side and were avoiding them, lol.  Main thing I would like to see is the camera view to be able to see more so I could know when to jump back and forth.

Also, I didn't do very well at all, but are there waves? Or does it go on forever? Or how is that part setup?

haha that's awesome.  I actually didn't make those characters originally, so not sure if it is inspired from that. 

Made by a Twitter friend, AceWay (credited in game and description).  Found the original sprite and tweet here: https://twitter.com/acewaydev/status/928720668878925827 

Thanks Knives!

...although I'm not familiar with Weebl n Bob  :(

The 5th level is pretty good!  Most people get stuck on 3rd and 4th there first couple of tries.  I used to love Paperboy, I think I had it for NES though.  Let me know if you record yourself playing it! :) 


And the music is by https://scowsh.itch.io/

I got hooked on this game too, it is really good!

Too many angry guests and one blows up the hotel? morbid, lol

Different, I like it!

Don't written warnings come between verbal warnings and termination?!?!


Hey Kewbish,

I'm not sure what you mean by an end, but the answer is probably no.  I plan on adding more and more characters and have no end in sight (lol). 

(SPOILER?) Right now, you play as Tom the Janitor, Kate aka Chatty Cathy, and Dave (aka grumpy dave or coffee dave).  Once done with Dave's level Emmanuel will come in but nothing is setup for him.  You can walk around with him and I setup a few text interactions (nothing funny if I recall) but his level objectives aren't setup yet.

Let me know what you think though! I'm not sure if you have played anything previous, but I am trying to see what people think compared to the previous versions. 

I was thinking I needed some kind of clue—you are actually supposed to turn on a computer with the Janitor.  That will distract Chatty Cathy and you will regain control of Dave and can complete the objectives.

I also haven't tested out a lot of things playing as the Janitor in that situation.  So didn't even think that he can sit there and turn on the coffee maker and such...will have to think about that.

Thanks for the comment!

Hey, I think it is a cool concept as it helps practice typing as you play.  That makes it a bit difficult, which I don't mind, but having to go back to the start each time gets old very quickly.  Maybe give 3 lives like classic games or do a checkpoint system so you don't have to go all the way back.  The first level is basically a tutorial and no one wants to play the tutorial every single time they mess up.  I only got to level 4 and would have liked to go farther but get very tired of playing the first level.  Every time you send players back to the title screen you lose a lot of them.

Keep at it though!

It actually does change every time!  So no worries on spoiling it!  

...unless telling people that it changes every time will spoil it...oh no...

haha, oh man, I didn't even think of that, even though at one point I was thinking of having co-workers block off access at certain points. lol.

Sorry Glen is such a jerk!  (blame him, not me lol)

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the video and for commenting!  The support is more motivating than people can ever realize!

I shared your video on Twitter.  I didn't find you (I assume that is you) until after I tweeted: https://twitter.com/LouBagelCombo5/status/957468116539363328

Sorry about that! I've heard that a few times now but never came across it during any of my testing.  Maybe will have to figure out a new way to debug!

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

We have "fixed" that in the updated version!

...I say "fixed" as though I love the feeling of running on ice it seems no one agrees with me  :P

Thanks for the feedback.  Although the different colors is a great idea I think we are liking the aesthetic of the dominoes right now, and also have other domino types planned out such as wooden.  I also found another popular domino game that used colors just as you suggested so would like to differentiate as much as possible.

For now I added little "here" blurbs that the dominoes say when Double Blank pulls out a matching domino.  It isn't perfect, as sometimes you are juggling two dominoes at once, but I think it helps a bit.  What do you think?

lol I thought I had the system worked out perfectly where no one rats on themselves but I guess I didn't test it enough.  Oh well, I guess it adds to the humor!  Thanks!

Cool game! Nice graphics!

One thing that would be nice though is being able to tell when you are approaching the boundaries.  Whether by having some landmarks or different ground type.  Most of my deaths came from backing away from zombies too close to the boundary.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

This is awesome!  Watching someone play is the best kind of feedback!

Thank you!  At the moment, there are no plans of stopping!

Thanks!  I am working on uploading Level to Itch right now.  

I have it uploaded on my website now: https://www.loubagel.com/survive-the-day/levels/level2/level02.php  ...just have to export it and make sure it will work here.

Working on level 2 of my project and just created an Itch page (no project uploaded yet).

In short, Survive The Day is a game about working in an office and surviving the silly things that got on my nerves when I worked in one.

Level 2 Intro Trailer:

Level 2 is about Nate bringing donuts to work and all the co-workers taking them without him getting one.  The catch is, someone took two!  So Nate will have to track down some clues to solve the caper of the Double Donut Eater...

Itch Page