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Juice FX

Add any animation to your sprite to look more juicy! · By CodeManu

Import/Export FAQ

A topic by Lou Bagel created 28 days ago Views: 48 Replies: 2
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I just stumbled across this (as well as your other tools) and am very interested!  I apologize if I missed a link to a website or somewhere else with FAQ or a demo/trial, but I have two questions right off the bat:

What are the import/export options?

I think I saw a comment that said the imports have to be in spritesheets.  Are the export in (png) spritesheets as well?

-- related info: that would work for me as I use aseprite and export png spritesheets which I import those into my game engine (Construct 3). After I finish my current project (as I don't think this would match current style) I want to look into all your tools and try some out.


Hi there,

The options for exporting are: Spritesheet(.png), Individual frame files(.png) and .gif. On the other hand, both spritesheets and single frame images in .png format are accepted.

Thank you!  I am leaning towards buying one of the bundles on sale, I wish that Smear FX was included in one!