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Trouble with Bitcoin Purchase

A topic by Killer Bee Software created Dec 07, 2017 Views: 143 Replies: 2
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Sorry, if this is the wrong place for this. I got an email from someone in Germany saying he tried to purchase with Bitcoin but it was not working. No other  details except he states he sent an email to support and he said he had not gotten  a reply back. Looks like the transaction attempt would have been either the 3rd or the 4th.

And with the recent Steam departure, is there any consideration to a change of the current status of Bitcoin for itch?


Hello, sorry for the slow response. It seems like due to the increased activity on the the Bitcoin network that our payment provider, Stripe, is having issues fulfilling some transactions. We're going to continue using them until they suggest otherwise. If a transaction is sent but can't be credited towards a purchase then Stripe will automatically contact the buyer about getting a refund. 


Hey Leaf, a few days back  I got more information on it as I had him try again and the user was getting the mismatched token error. (same error as before).

And I poked around on the Git Hub and saw you commented (about a year ago) about this type of error, and you had said it was an intermittent thing.  The user in question was someone using Chrome with Icognito. So that lead me to ask for browser info, and it turns out he was using Tor - so I suspected it was related.  The issue was still listed as open. 

Just adding to it if any of that helps ring a bell.