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Paid/non-free web games

A topic by GURN GROUP created 8 days ago Views: 55 Replies: 2
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Hey, it seems like there's no way to post a game that costs money but is playable in browser, is that right?

If that's true, I think having a way to do that would be a great feature!

To be clear, I mean that people would only be able to play the game after buying it, and after paying (while logged in) could just play in the normal embedded iframe.

I know I could just make the html files downloadable, but it's a much more painful process for players (potentially having to set up a local webserver) vs just playing in the browser.

Thanks <3

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Hey, it seems like there’s no way to post a game that costs money but is playable in browser, is that right?

This is correct. This has been asked before, and to my knowledge, this is still the case.

As you’ve mentioned as well, others have tried getting around this by making the web game downloadable, which has it’s own pros and cons. But currently it seems to be the only way to implement something like this.

I’ve heard some other people have tried checking if the user owns the game using the API, but I’m not sure if they’ve succeeded, or if that’s possible at all.

Hope that helps, I’m sure the admins are aware of this requested feature, but can’t tell for sure if there’s a plan about it.

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(I started typing this before Dark Dimension's reply)

I don't think there's a direct way to do this. An indirect way would be to have an in-browser "demo" that can turn into the full version if the player drags and drops a certain file, or enters a code, and then you make that file/code part of the download.

Another way to get around the local webserver problem is to package the game into an app using something like Electron. You usually barely have to modify your existing Javascript at all for that.