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kind words, thanks Joey

so pretty!

really cool

nice game!

thank you~

I really love this game

that's cool - I played the original again after finishing this and felt a bit sad about how much beautiful stuff there is in that game that I'd forgotten

thanks for playing!

Sick one

looks amazing

thank you alephic!

that's cool, thank you very much!

i was quite struck by your pumpkin game when i played it a few months ago, think about it often

haha glad you liked it, first time playing boardgame online, pretty fun

video games are alive again....

pretty beautiful...

thanks for playing :)

cool, thanks for playing :)

beautiful - i don't care about the painting, its just great level design 

Touch Love one of the best videogames ever made


this is neat, feels good

I think this is really great

any download link?

thank you

thank you!



how beautiful!

i played this on tigsource when i was i guess 14 or so, i was totally in awe of it, the music still gets stuck in my head sometimes, i found it very beautiful, thank you

+ the title screen is one of the best ever, that glowing warping rock is beautiful

very beautiful game!

enjoyed this a lot

very, very good

these are cool


so nice! the power of interactivity

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i played this once when it was released and iirc i got too scared and had to stop after a few minutes but i just played it again and like capt haistings i also thought it was one of the most interesting game experiences i've ever had

the depth and intricacy of the references to increpare's game is really cool and feels like a very loving/respectful tribute, i also love the way its sequenced together, feels very like 'natural' + 'fluid' movement between interactive and non-interactive segments, and between cgi and live action. the different visual techniques are cool, 'striking' but 'restrained'. especially love the inset videogame frame against the video background like you can see in the third screenshot on this page

wish i had played the whole thing earlier, but happy i found it again now.

reminds me of "Upstream Color"

not bad... good...