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Lo-Fi Room

Build lo-fi beats in this hidden object / rhythm game 路 By Bearmask

possible bug with creating/recording music (along with a comment about the game)

A topic by Icey Ash created 3 days ago Views: 39 Replies: 5
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Once I complete all of the levels (the 3) then go to the 3rd level, & do the b side (or whatever it says for the next set of music) I complete it, then go to do set C, and it says to record and make a beat. I click on one of the instruments, make the music, then press the back button, but it disappears, causing me to be stuck on that screen, unable to play or mess around with any other instruments. Overall, it's a great game, & since I'm in band (I play an instrument, but not the flute, which was one of the instruments in the second level) the game is extremely fun for me, since I enjoy band a lot. The game also makes me wish I did drums 馃槃. The problem with the back button disappearing happens when I go to do one of the guitars, the lowest one I think, so I don't know if that happens with all of the instruments or just that one specifically.

edit: if the maker of the game sees this, or if anyone else has this problem, I would personally also say it, because it might not be just me having this problem.


Hey, thanks for letting me know about this problem! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I think programming electronic drums really makes you want to play the real thing, that's what happened to me too~ 

I thought I'd fixed that problem you mentioned before releasing the update, it's a pretty bad problem, it basically means the beatmaker is unusable. It should be pretty easy to solve though. I'll try to do the fix and upload it tonight when I get home.

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you鈥檙e welcome! And being in band makes the temptation of wanting to do drums even more! And the problem occurs on both of my 'laptops' (a laptop and chromebook) but when I reload the tab, it saves, so that鈥檚 the plus side to it. Thank you for reading my post on the problem!

Edit: the problem also occurs with all the instruments, I forgot to mention that just now 

Developer (1 edit)

Hi, thanks for taking the time to give so many  details :) It turns out I had fixed the problem already, but the version I uploaded didn't include the fix. I must have fixed the problem after uploading it. Anyway it's updated now, so please give it a go! Unfortunately your progress will be reset because of the update though. (Unless you're playing a desktop version that is).

oh ok! I play on the web version, but I liked replaying it over and over again, so that鈥檚 fine. Plus, I liked making new beats 馃幖

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it turns out, it saved the progress! I had to reload the page to play the new instrument when making one of the songs, and it still saved
i will see if it keeps my progress when i go back to the game

edit: it didnt save, which is fine