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you’re welcome! And being in band makes the temptation of wanting to do drums even more! And the problem occurs on both of my 'laptops' (a laptop and chromebook) but when I reload the tab, it saves, so that’s the plus side to it. Thank you for reading my post on the problem!

Edit: the problem also occurs with all the instruments, I forgot to mention that just now 

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to give so many  details :) It turns out I had fixed the problem already, but the version I uploaded didn't include the fix. I must have fixed the problem after uploading it. Anyway it's updated now, so please give it a go! Unfortunately your progress will be reset because of the update though. (Unless you're playing a desktop version that is).

oh ok! I play on the web version, but I liked replaying it over and over again, so that’s fine. Plus, I liked making new beats 🎼

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it turns out, it saved the progress! I had to reload the page to play the new instrument when making one of the songs, and it still saved
i will see if it keeps my progress when i go back to the game

edit: it didnt save, which is fine