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Is there a way to hide upper right links on a game page?

A topic by Hanon Ondricek created Dec 03, 2017 Views: 90 Replies: 2
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I have played a couple of games in the browser where the stacked links on the right "Rate this game" "More like this" etc actually have blocked content I needed to see on a game with no full-screen button. 

Is there a way to hide these temporarily or make them transparent or maybe dock them off-screen for cases like this?


It's not possible right now, the links should autohide when your window is narrower but this doesn't work for web games that are wider than the default width. I'm trying to think of a good solution for this. I'd prefer not to have a button just for hiding those buttons. Maybe a way to force fullscreen button?

Or maybe if the links faded to mostly transparent if they're not moused over for a period of time?