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Inconsiderate Climbers

non-zero-sum local multiplayer party game 路 By droqen

How to release the game

A topic by droqen created Dec 01, 2017 Views: 579 Replies: 7
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I don't know how to release the game.

It feels like such a weird little thing to charge money for.

But the idea of putting a game out for free that I've worked on for a long time feels weird now

and I'm stuck in the limbo of wanting the game to be worth money so I can charge money for it, but not wanting to delay release until I have time & mind to work on it. After all, the game is sort of already 'out there', in its own way. People have played it.

Will you release the game, I missed it at No Quarter and I wish I can try it :)

Just charge money for :) It doesn't have to be much right?

At least I would really like to play it...

Developer (4 edits)

oh! what interesting timing.

i've been thinking lately, like this past week! about how to relate to the process of releasing things. i'm no closer to a solution, but still. interesting timing.

when i get home, figuring it out will go on my to-do list. no promises regarding how long it will take 馃槵 but in terms of priority, it's up there. ish.


I'm charging money for it!

Faster than expected :D

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I cracked. Figured I'd rather solve the problem in a way I wasn't happy with than... not solve the problem at all...

I can always change my mind later!

And I'll learn more about the world this way.