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Help a bunch of robots resurrect their favorite TV show · By LostTrainDude

Did a playthrough? Share it here! Sticky

A topic by LostTrainDude created Nov 30, 2017 Views: 417 Replies: 10
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Did you record a playthrough of FANBOTS? Feel free to share it here for all of us to see! Here's the first playthrough by Fine Nine (@rwer34 on

The game was super witty and loved the style! Hope you enjoy the video! 


Thanks a lot! I did enjoy it indeed! :D Also loved your comments about the voice acting.
You did these bots a great service by showing the world how committed they are!

Apologies for the resolution issue! We played with it too much back when we developed it, I think. Did you also try tweaking the resolution options in the winsetup.exe? You can probably run it in a window at a higher resolution

I didn't know that was something I could do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Don't worry! I was just asking because was not sure if that was the problem :) Thank you nonetheless!


Hiya! Heres my gameplay of this brilliantly crafted game! I completely loved the voice acting!


This is great! Thanks a lot! Especially for the applause at the end!

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Featured in my Indie Games Exhibit episode (Timestamped)


Thank you for featuring the game! Also, thanks for sharing all the other interesting titles as well!


Ahhh, lovely Red Dwarf homage this. Loved the voice acting (has that already been said?), loved the old-school style and loved the general feel of the whole thing. Really put me in the mood for being shipwrecked, comatose and some fresh mango juice!


Fun, fun, fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun!

Thank you! It's a really nice playthrough and being still able to cringe at my own jokes (or jokes I contributed to) is priceless!