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Oh, I see! Thank you so much for posting the solution, I'm happy that you found a way to solve it.

Also, I'm very glad you enjoyed the game!

Hi! Thanks for reporting!

Having no access to a Mac (regardless of the OS version) I can't really test this out, but I *suspect* (as I can't be sure) it might be something related to the way recent versions of the OS handle executables not downloaded from the App store.

If that is the case, there might be some tickbox to tick or untick in some System Settings, or even the possibility to consider this specific executable as an exception, but my knowledge of the OS kinda stops here.

Haha, thank you! :D It was nice to meet you, sorry again for interrupting while you were working (and enjoying coffee)!

Hi! Thanks for the message. Can you please check if it's working now?

Thank you for your feedback!

I refrained from adding leaderboards and the concept of scores because it didn't feel really "zen" to me, but one can indeed make use of the "elapsed time" in the bottom left of the screen for personal challenge purposes, if they so wish!

I was thinking about including unmovable files too, so thanks for reminding me about it. I will eventually need to rework the UI a bit, so to fit all the features as they come up!

Thanks a lot, EmceeRed!
And keep on playing indie games: there are awesome titles out there made by awesome people!

Thank you, Peter!

There could be enough space, actually, it's just that the defrag isn't over yet!
Thank you! :D

Ha! A whole set of of zUTILITIES! D:

Indeed I have never heard of it before! Thanks for the link!

I have also been notified about a PICO-8 game:
But then again, what's not amazing on PICO-8, anyway? :D

Thanks for your feedback!

The way the code is handled now makes it a little complicated for me to implement it right away, but I'll consider it! :)
Thanks a lot!

You may need to d3Fr4gM3nt more!!

Thanks a million for your feedback and your donation! :)

I have tons of memories about different versions of defrag software over the years!

I remember it felt like I was doing something incredibly important even if I was just watching!
In a way it was a kind of idle game before they were cool!

You and me both! That's the main reason behind this concept :)

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately not. Currently, the engine we used to develop this game does not support Mac releases natively.

Thank you!

Thank you so much, Akiba127! :)
I hope that more point and click adventure games will be part of your gaming life!

Thank you, Blondbraid!
I am glad you liked it, despite the ending being abrupt :)

Every once in a while we poke each other about whether it would be a good idea to get more out of this game or not, but - mostly because of the shortage of available time - we didn't really settle to do so.

A short tale about worldly connections.

Move with the arrow keys.
Go on, talk with the trees.

When I was a bubble I could talk with the trees is a short interactive thing I made between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day using Bitsy Game Maker. Enjoy!

Fun, fun, fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun!

Thank you! It's a really nice playthrough and being still able to cringe at my own jokes (or jokes I contributed to) is priceless!

Thank you for featuring the game! Also, thanks for sharing all the other interesting titles as well!

This is great! Thanks a lot! Especially for the applause at the end!

Don't worry! I was just asking because was not sure if that was the problem :) Thank you nonetheless!

Thanks a lot! I did enjoy it indeed! :D Also loved your comments about the voice acting.
You did these bots a great service by showing the world how committed they are!

Apologies for the resolution issue! We played with it too much back when we developed it, I think. Did you also try tweaking the resolution options in the winsetup.exe? You can probably run it in a window at a higher resolution

Did you record a playthrough of FANBOTS? Feel free to share it here for all of us to see! Here's the first playthrough by Fine Nine (@rwer34 on

Thank you! This is great and I genuinely laughed a lot anytime you did a close-up!
I'll put this in a new thread for playthrough videos! :)

Oh, I had no clue it would cause issues! I simply did that to keep everything in one place and always up to date :) No upload limit reasons.
I'll upload it right away, then! Thanks arceus444 for pointing this out, and leafo for your quick response and help!

FANBOTS community · Created a new topic The Hints Thread!
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Does SM4-SH feel stuck in a cul-de-sac while trying to help his fellow botties? Ask for help here!

Thanks again! Since I can't decide which part I prefer more, I'll consider this as a whole :D
Other than fun it's also interesting to see where you got stuck the most and why! I guess I'll have to thank you twice!

Thank you, MikeyBlighe!

Loved your video and can't wait for Part 2 :)

Thank you very much, carboknight! Really appreciate your comment :)

Hint #1
 - type HELP to get back to the main menu of the terminal!

Hint #2
- Among all the missed tickets, there is apparently a single one that managed to get through!

Hint #3
- The system crashed and cannot be rebooted! Maybe reverting it to a previous working version will work

Let me know if you need me to be more specific and thanks again for playing! :)

Thank you meta dreamr! No multiple endings, so that's it!
Yeah, we worked on it full speed during that game jam, also thinking about expanding it, but never really got around to do it... Just yet? Who knows! :)

Hi vampcute! Thanks for playing!
Can you please tell me more about it, so that I can help? If necessary I could open a hints section on this game's page.
Thank you!

Thank you AnTHONY_!
Glad you liked it!

Thank you Otil for your kind words!
I really hope to make a full-fledged point and click adventure game out of this, with proper puzzles maybe :P

I don't think I ever played Home and The Journey Home before and I quite enjoyed them (nice variations in the sequel while keeping the whole "interactive novel" approach, which I usually don't really prefer compared to usual point and click adventures), thank you! Very nice stories and characters.

About other games in this style... Uhm... Speaking of indie games, the first that comes to mind could be Precipice, another short adventure that also uses a "description bar", except it is always on-screen (like it was done on Future Wars by Delphine Software, back in 1989) and it is not really used as a "stream of consciousness bar" like I tried in The Fickle Hands of Fate.

Another one could be Among Thorns which is also great, for me. Also worth mentioning are the games by Eight Bit Skyline.

I have worked on my share of point and click adventure games, if you like the genre, like A Night That Wouldn't End, A Landlord's Dream or the Red Dwarf-inspired Fanbots. They are all "jam games", so nothing that will take you too much time to play! :)

If you have a little more money to spend, I would suggest you to consider buying A Night In The Woods, a very interesting, deep and polished game while being very easy to play.

Another one that oozes depth, character and mystery is Kentucky Route Zero. Also I can't wait to get my hands on the full version of The Dream Machine.

Wow, there are plenty of games! :D Sorry for the wall of text!

Pretty close to the original... Even in terms of difficulty! :P
Congrats for the release, this is a nice tribute indeed!

Thanks everybody for the feedback!

Yes, you're all right, unfortunately I was far too late in the development when I realized my text UI was not following the rule. Still I think I learned a lot by developing this, so I though of submitting it no matter what :)

Looking forward to play your entries as well! Lots of amazing stuff!

Hey! Thanks a million for the great gameplay video! Great stuff with the editing also :D

I enjoyed your fun voice acting as well and, yes: it definitely was a little excerpt of a larger story (which I hope to start to work on soon)!

Thanks a lot again for the shoutout and feedback!