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Release Virus Buster for PC version

A topic by Anoa Interactive created Nov 24, 2017 Views: 198 Replies: 4
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Virus Buster

Virus Buster

Virus Buster is an Action Platformer game where player need to destroy some Virus enemies in each rooms and stages. The Rooms is always randomize, so each time you play the game, you will be facing different stages and rooms. There is some Hero with their unique traits and ability. And also some upgradeable power.

Virus Buster originally developed for Android. Now we make the PC version of the game so more people can enjoy the game now. But the game is still in the development process. We still need to increase the level, stages, rooms, enemies and bosses before we can release it to full version. We also need to find bugs that still occurs in our game and we welcome all of you that have an idea to make this game better.

We really appreciate any input and feedback for this game so we can make it better.

Thank you for everyone who support us and this game.

What is this made with?  It is reminiscent of a FLASH game. 

Hello mrpete, this game made with Unity. Do you have any suggestions that can make this game better? 

Possibly, more bonuses.... I'll have to look into it more...

Thank you for your sugestion. We will improve the game to make it better.