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Install through Itch app button

A topic by c00lcurt created Feb 18, 2016 Views: 456 Replies: 6
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I feel something useful and important that's missing on the site itself is a button in the downloads list (or on the game page itself) to install the free game through the Itch app. This would make it much quicker to install games than adding it to a collection then install it that way.

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Were you thinking a button that would start the download & install on the app remotely? (like if you were on your phone and wanted to start the download on your computer). Or simply a button to bring up the game in the app?

A button on the downloads page that will trigger the itch client to start installing the game through the client

I downloaded the client and my antivirus software detected it as a virus


Would be a great option.

At the moment, I am satisfied with adding games to a collection which then show up in the itch app. This collection shows up as my Queue of games, on my profile.


Since this issue was reported: search + full browsing was added to the app, making it easy to install any game with a few clicks from the app

As for seeing a game in your web browser & then opening it in the app, I recently created a userscript that you can relatively easily add to your browser - it'll probably end up becoming an official feature, but in the meantime, I've already been using it a lot :)

Ey thanks for the userscript, that's basically what I've been wanting.