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dimensions for games

A topic by jefferson da silva created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 705 Replies: 5
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dimensões ideais para jogos (retrato, paisagem)?


Assuming you mean the iframe size for browser games, last time I checked the site was 960px wide on desktops, and games in portrait format leave a lot of blank space on either side. But on mobile, that changes. So, it depends on your target audience.

ideal dimensions for games (portrait, landscape)?


You still didn't say what kind of game: browser, mobile, desktop? For desktop games, you have to mind cheaper laptops, that usually have 1366x768 screens. And for mobile games you have to detect the screen resolution and scale your game to fit. There is no "best".

I would like to put my game here but I do not know the ideal dimensions 



You can specify the dimensions of your game's frame when you upload it. I recommend not making it too large though since it might be difficult for people with smaller screens to play. I recommend something below 1200 width. Likewise, a max height of 600 might be okay. If you need more space we do have a fullscreen button that can be used to make your game take up entire viewport. If you're planning on using that, you can set the initial size of the frame to be smaller.