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A topic by lunarsignals created Nov 20, 2017 Views: 82 Replies: 2
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In the Madison Indies Slack channel we were discussing ways to replace our Facebook Madison Indies page. Someone was wondering if could let us curate game makers as well as our games - I don't think this is the case? We were thinking how great it would be if itch let us curate a group of local (or just likeminded) developers.

Anyways, this kind of idea would really help all of us treat like a community. Being able to be a "Madison Indie" on would be cool. Having a group log with both public facing posts (e.g. game releases, game jams, public events) and internal posts (secret game meetings, hiring) would be super helpful. It'd be really easy to find "", and then it'd look a lot better than a FB page.


We have something in the works that you could potentially use, but we haven't finished it yet. Sounds like you want a private discussing board and a public page where you can curate a list of games and make blog style posts. Sound about right?

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Yup. That would be perfect.