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Blooming Nightshade Demo

A topic by Jackkel Dragon created Nov 19, 2017 Views: 66
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After hearing about a number of student couples forming at her school, Himeka Uchida decides to look for a girlfriend of her own. As she gets wrapped up in the daily lives of her friends and classmates, will she find the romance she seeks?

This game is developed with Android phones in mind, but can also be played on PC.

Game Features:

  • Free (with optional donation)
  • 6 love interests
  • Friendship and romance paths for each girl


  • Himeka Uchida, a second-year high school student. Cheerful and friendly, but is sensitive about her height.
  • Izumi Kawano, a second-year high school student. The reliable captain of the volleyball team, though she doesn't share much about herself.
  • Kiyomi Ito, a second-year high school student. A track team member who always wears a jacket or hoodie.
  • Nanami Kobayashi, a first-year high school student. A bashful member of the cooking club that tends to minimize her achievements.
  • Atsuko Aoki, a first-year high school student. Blind in one eye, and doesn't socialize much with others.
  • Kiku Moritani, a third-year high school student. She looks younger than she is, and is known to be skilled with many musical instruments.
  • Shiori Goto, a third-year high school student. She has a regal figure and reputation, particularly due to her long hair.

Download Link


This is a game I put together for this year's Yuri Game Jam. The current demo is fully playable from start to finish, but is missing art that I hope to have before I consider the game finished. Feedback or comments on the game would be appreciated!

Known issues include a glitch with the week counter, which will sometimes be higher than it should be.

I hope people enjoy the game!